Max Digs Out From Winter Storm Nemo

Ah nose ah left a dog biscuit out here last week. I theenk it’s right HERE.

[The part of Max is played by Waffle, who is shown frolicking @ the Virginia Tech Duck Pond in 2012. -Ed]



  1. emmberrann says:

    Dat was no biscuit. You never Leave biscuits any place. You only leave tootsie rolls.

  2. lookit those earsies! sticking up just asking for a nibble 🙂

  3. Periscope ears deployed. Dive! Dive! Dive!

  4. Ah, maybe one of the rare occasions when Max wishes he weren’t so stubbular.

  5. Mom’s dog Sophie used to love running around in the deep snow with just her little black nose poking up out for air. We used to call her “Snowphie.”

  6. Snowphie. Teehee! Great name, T.U.M!

  7. snerk