It’s a Very Philoslothical Questshon

What are these two doing? Are they kissing upside down? Are they having a Lady & the Tramp spaghetti scene moment? Maybe they are sharing a bite of pineapple upside-down cake? But then, shouldn’t sloths eat upside-down cake right-side up?  No, ‘course not, …then the blood might rush to their hands.

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  1. And you thought he kiss from Spiderman was awesome.

  2. The cutest deadly sins in the whole wide world!

  3. Tongue Twister

  4. Smoo…ooo…ooo…ooo…ooo…ch

  5. omg, get a room, guys

  6. heh heh… whatever they’re doing, it looks unsanitary…

  7. Dang it! I saw the pic, I pulled up the clip, and then I see ya beat me to it! Great minds think alike:

  8. Tantric kissing?

  9. Whatever they’re doing, they’ve left an axis of snorgling exposed. I’m going in! (Snorfs sloths.)

  10. What’s the line about long, slow wet kisses that last for three days? In this case, it really may take that long.

  11. Not for nuffin, but am I alone here thinking sloths are un-cute?

  12. That’s not a nuff.

    As long as you’re nice about it, you can find rats, snakes, snails, smooshed faces, “teacups”, monkeys, bugs, anything except Rat Terriers not to your liking. 🙂

  13. Iris, you are not alone in being not fond of sloths.

    Aaaaaand Leslie scurries on, searching for a kitten, a bunny, a horsiepoo,
    a sproingy lambie or a baby pygmy goat …….

  14. izzat from Bull Durham???

  15. ceejoe aka Sheldon Cooper, PhD. 😉

  16. Ooooh, look at Fird go! Do I detect a little SPROING in her step?

  17. Yup. Love that one. that and the one on the diamond about getting a chicken and how everybody can use candlesticks. Usually gets edited out when they show it again.

  18. Ana Félix Pires says:

    # Spider Sloth, Spider Sloth, does whatever a Spider Sloth can
    Climbs a tree any size Catches leaves just like flies
    Look out, here comes the Spider Sloooooth!