Awwws ‘n Claws ‘n Jaws ‘n Rawrs!

This vid has it all! Great Sound Editing, Action, Suspense!

First it’s all happy-happy, tapiddy, tapiddy, tappidy. But then, Hulk Smash is not a Riverdance fan (think he wants his money back) and things get hairy! Long vid but worth watching to. the. end. You will want to see if Tap Dancer Kitteh survives Hulk’s smashes, or not?!

Fave Preview Overload:

Picture 5

Picture 3

Picture 2

2:10 is hilarious. Fave Frame:

Picture 1
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  1. Ha. Kitty is in Ninja School. So feisty! The whole video is adorable, but the sequence from about 2:08 to 2:18 is hilarious!

  2. Kittens have no off switch.

  3. This kitty is sproingier than a frolicking lamb. Poor adult cat must be ready to find a snow cave somewhere for peace and quiet. Loved the part where BoBo has had enough of having his/her tail pounced on and goes after the little kitten.

  4. The leetle one has no fear. The big one has loads of patience. The strange barking ball is strange.

  5. Omg, you are making me want a kitten! No! Nononono…

  6. Strange and on the annoying side.

    Still the kitties are delightful. I’m rooting for “the Hulk.”

  7. Not that you can see. It’s internal, like a thermostat. They go, go, go, go, then boom, they”re asleep.

  8. I will boop you with my hind legs…I can’t control my hind legs!!

  9. Don’t know about the rest of you, but I could use a nap after watching that.

  10. I could watch BoBo and Nikita all day! They’re like the Laurel and hardy of the tinee tabbee world.

    And BoBo likes to be vacuumed!

  11. Good golly, just when you think it can’t get any cuter…

    I’d never get a thing done if I lived with these two!

  12. OK this is going to sound crazy, but I saw a face on Hulk’s butt around 3:10 or so. I thought it was just the light, but it shows up again in the last seconds!!!

  13. BoBo is hardly “tinee” (and that’s not a criticism–I like ’em big). Is s/he deaf? My cats are just terrified of the vacuum sound.

    What a great vid.

  14. Hahaha! I lof eet! 😀

  15. He’s tinee on the inside!

    I am also a fan of honking big tabbies.

  16. YES! Laurel and Hardy rock!

    I just love stripey cats. LOVE THEM, do you hear?

  17. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I love how he looks alarmed but is too lazy to actually *move*

  18. Thanks for the feature on C.O. and for Your views & comments 🙂
    @dgerish BoBo is a healthy cat, he’s not deaf 🙂 He liked to play with vacuum cleaner when he was a kitten. Now he likes to be vacuumed 😉

  19. If we could bottle the energy of kitten we wouldn’t need petrol.

  20. Wait–what are you trying to say, Theresa?

    I love me some stripes, too.

  21. OMG, I have come back from visiting BoBo and Nikita’s you tube page. THEY ARE ADORABLE!!! To wit:

  22. rescue gal says:

    I love the sproinginess of babies. I wish they kept some of the sproing. Heck, I wish I had some of that sproing!

  23. I love stripey cats because they look like they’re wearing stripey sweaters! 😀

  24. My cat doesn’t even wait for the sound. The second the broom closet door opens, he’s on high alert, if not already making a run for it. I wish I could vacuum him like this; it would save a ton of work vacuuming the rest of the house!

  25. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Search on YouTube for cats being vacuumed. Many of them LOVE it. Obviously not all cats are alike and afraid of the noise.

  26. Cyclokitty says:

    I love these two kittys! I’ve watched their videos on Youtube for awhile and keep an eye out for more zany Nikita and Bobo time. I can’t believe how much Nikita’s grown over the last month. Such lovely cats!

  27. Cats are so funny and weird. I love your pair–they’re just delightful together.

  28. Why did I click that link???!!! It will be much harder to grade papers now that my brain has asploded.

  29. After watching the vacuuming video I can understand Bobo’s patience with the leetle one. They have lots of fun together!

  30. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    I tell my 4-year-old twin nieces that Philo (brown tabby) is wearing stripey pajamas, and they giggle.

  31. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    “Please excuse the brain matter and glitter on the papers.”

    I watched it, and now I am all kitten broody.

  32. And stripey PANTS!

  33. so how do you feel about stripey cats? Pro or con?

  34. Bobo reminds me of my father’s sweet Alex, right down to the “husky” figure. He was 35 lbs when we got him and struggled to get him down to 17,. would’ve gone faster with a feisty kitten like Nikita.

    btw, when he’s watching Nikita play with that fake dog, you know Bobo’s thinking, “that boy ain’t right, I tell you.”

  35. That is so nice to hear, Krzysztof 😀 I hope that Nikita will love to be vacuumed just like Bobo 😀

  36. To: dgerish, in answer to your question above, I offer the following:

    “Mr. Hillary, why did you decide to climb Mt. Everest??”
    “Because It [Mount Everest] Was There.” 🙂

  37. *malevolent giggle*

  38. My cat watches me while on the treadmill and then when I do pilates..cuz he knows he gets treats for behaving.2 hr workouts are longgggg for him.

  39. And when they’re skinny, they look like stripey pipe cleaners, and when they’re fat, they look like fat guys in stripey sweaters! 😀

  40. You weren’t chanting “Bloody Mary” by any chance, were you? 😛

  41. Oh dear Lord!!! 😯

  42. Oh man, that’s fantastic! I could watch BoBo and Nikita all day too and I’m not even a cat person. 🙂

  43. Krzysztof (Vanna, I’d like to buy a vowel), they’re lucky to have you for their mommy.

  44. This video. Just ridiculously cute.

  45. We had a kitty when I was little who loved being vacuumed, too! My mom said that it kept the house cat hair-free, not to mention keeping the kitty happy! If only my current kitty would let me vacuum her; her favorite thing is to get right up in my face and then rub hair all over me. I wake up with cat hair in the back of my throat every morning, oh joy.


  47. Or old-timey prison uniforms!

  48. .and because I’ll take any excuse to avoid grading!

  49. Our cat Stinky (he’s been gone now for about 15 yrs) when I would be the vacuum out would come over and all bug beg to be vacuumed. He was a big dude. Main Coon cat. When it came to meeces…he would take care of business. The only I knew that deliberately tripped our lab puppie maggie as she came running through the house one day. Stuck his paw out, she went flying in somersaults and he just watched. It was a Garfield & Odie relationship.

  50. she was drinking it

  51. *hic*

  52. Kitty loves the suckees!