Are You Lookin’ at Me?

Are you lookin’ at me, huh? You lookin’ at me?

Are… you… lookin’… at… me?

Well, whaddya know, you are lookin’ at me…

Lacey seeing herself in the mirror

Pic and vid of Lacey by jelene.



  1. What a doll – which is what she reminded me of at one point, a little wind-up doll! And I like that her tongue matches her name tag 🙂

  2. ExCUSE me!!! We need an eyebrow dot tag!! 🙂

  3. Lacey. can I be your Cagney?

  4. “…what evil sorcery is this!!!…” [translation]

  5. Well, akshually now CO HAS an Eyebrow Dot Tag.
    But you’re SO RIGHT THAT THIS post is prime territory for one!!!

  6. *PLOP*

    I’m *ded* now.
    However before I completely collapse, I will menshon that today over the noon hour,

    (An Plan aired the Too Cute epi withe the Cotons de Tuilieres puppehs and my hero Pipsqueak wuz bouncin’ aroun’ like a tin wind-up toy!!YAY!!)

  7. Oh my goodness, what a lovebug!

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, I’m not the only old person on here, I see. (-:

  9. That first pic looks like he’s talking on a Bluetooth headset! 😉

  10. I meant she not he. ;-/

  11. … and just at that moment, the Tag Fairy materialized, flitting down on her sparkly gossamer wings. “And so you shall!” cried she, and with a wave of her magic wand, an “Eyebrow Dots” tag appeared. PING!

  12. YaY! Thanks, Mike! …er – I mean – Tag Fairy!! 🙂

  13. Stop copying me!

  14. *too ded to comment*

  15. There seems to be an evil Chucky doll look going on there in that pupster

  16. So much like my little Oscar at that age, couldn’t resist getting him a heart-shaped tag as well.

    When they’re asleep, the eyebrow dots look like fake eyes and make them look like teddies.

  17. 😆 No you’re not.

  18. Ack Cavie!!! I miss mine, she also barked at her reflection (and everything else)

  19. *GUFFAWS in an extraordinarily UNLADYLIKE manner @ tha whole
    Mike= Tag Fairy/ gossamer wings, etcetera etcetera and so forth ….bit.*

    (please don’t tell me mudder that I guffawed en publique…)

  20. Old? I’m not old – I’m just well seasoned! 🙂

  21. Awwwww….. that’s all I can say.