The Cutest TV Dogs Evah

Yahoo! TV put up a leest of “The 10 Cutest TV Dogs Ever.” What do you theenk- are they missing anyone?









  1. Crystalrabbit7 says:

    Where’s Wishbone?! I have fond memories of running home after school to watch this ever-patient Jack Russell terrier who loved books and didn’t mind being dressed up in all sorts of costumes =P

  2. Stressfactor says:

    Well, if we’re including cartoon dogs…. Kipper, Tiger and friends…. When my nephew was a toddler and I had to babysit the videotapes of Kipper were about the only things I could stand to put on and actually watch with him.

  3. themistoklea says:


  4. Kipper’s fantastic! I do a dead-on impression of him. “Oh, Hallo, Ty-gah.”

  5. What about Benji?

  6. victoreia says:

    Benji! Where’s Benji?!?

  7. and the bundys’ dog from married with children!

  8. How about Tiger from The Brady Bunch?!? He was not only a cute rascal, he was a ladies man! Remember the episode when he went missing, but was actually hanging out with his baby-mama and their puppies? Such a playa…

  9. Darkangel says:

    I second this! Wishbone was awesome and the adorable pawprint! He got me into reading. Also, shot in the dark here but, does your screen name have anything to do with Sailor Moon?

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    Dogs Drool, SNOOPY RULES!!!!!!!

  11. warrior rabbit says:

    That was my thought. But it’s TV dogs.

  12. Elaine From L.A. says:

    Thanks for reminding me of Wishbone, Crystalrabbit7!!! I loved that show and I was in my forties :~) I thought of it as a Canine Masterpiece Theater!

  13. Murray.

  14. I always loved Eddie ❤

  15. Marlo from Simon and Simon.
    The Dobermans from Magnum PI

  16. Miss Anthrope says:

    Me too! When I saw the title of this post I knew Eddie was going to be there. What a sweet and funny little guy.

  17. Gangewifre says:

    I came here to say this! I was appalled good ol’ Wishbone wasn’t on the list… Thank you for paying him tribute! Adored this show as a youngster. 😀

  18. RIP Moose! I loved Frasier.

  19. Belle from Belle and Sebastian (the cartoon, not the band…)

  20. Poor Toto, not in Kansas, anymore and not in the top 10 where he should be.

  21. Gromit

  22. (pardon my snarky tone but) hellO?? SCOOBY DOOO?????

    tsk. tsk.

  23. PS: I DO love the subtext for Lassie [see hovertext]!!!

    One of my friends and I have an entire sequel film screenplay all written up where Lassie is a chain-smoking neurotic older dog sitting at a cheap kitchen dinette set at an Old Actors’ home , griping about how the flippin’ family oughtta have either poured concrete over the well or kept Timmie INSIDE DANG IT (etc)

  24. oh they also ought to include Brian (the somewhat alcoholic beagle) from Family Guy.

  25. If I’m not mistaken the black and white is from the little rascals.

  26. Haha! High five! 😀

  27. What about Shadow and Chance from Homeward Bound??!?!?!?!?

    I still cry every time I see it!

  28. Littlest Hobo from the TV series.

  29. I have a stuffed Wishbone on my desk right now. I even had the talking one – he’s around here somewhere.

  30. Mod Lounge? Wishbone put me in the Mod Lounge?

  31. Benji WAS a TV dog. He got his start playing “Boy” on Petticoat Junction.

  32. PS. His real name was Higgins.

  33. Ditto!

  34. How about Rowlf, the muppet dog who could play the piano? He was awesome (as was the whole Muppet Show crew).

  35. The Bundy’s dog Buck is on the full list at the link. So is Boomer.

    I believe Eddie belonged to Frasier’s dad, Martin.
    Remember Murray on “Mad About You” who jumped on the kitchen table to sample the Thanksgiving turkey ?

    Columbo had a basset hound named Dog. (Columbo tried giving him some other names, but he refused to answer to anyhthing but ‘Dog’)

    On current shows, Timothy McGee on NCIS has his German Shepherd, Jethro, and Ducky inherited his mom’s four Pembroke Corgis when she went into a nursing home. Marty Deeks on NCIS: LA has a charming mutt named Monty.

  36. And Miss Piggy’s toy poodle, Foo-Foo !

  37. The late great William Conrad’s character J.L. McCabe was always accompanied by his bulldog, Max, on “Jake and the Fatman”.

    There was also Dreyfus, the St. Bernard/Golden Retriever cross on “Empty Nest “, whose reaction when in trouble was to hide in the cabinet under the kitche sink, and even managed to close the door behind him !

  38. Where’s Santa’s Little Helper? He’s arguably the most famous Greyhound there is and he’s had several very cute and funny moments.

  39. YES! One of my favorite cartoons as a kid, but my husband looks at me as if I have two heads when I try to describe it. Apparently he never watched it.

  40. We still watch those on a regular basis here. They stream on Netflix and I have 3 small kids! I love how the stories are mundane, the style is minimalist, and the characters always act out of good intentions, even if it goes astray.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if this was on there, but what about Winn-Dixie? From ‘because of winn-Dixie’? And yes I assure you kipper and scooby doo should most definitely be on this! And also the dog from the Jetsons? What was his name..Astro? I don’t remember…

  42. Stressfactor says:

    Oh man, I’d forgotten about Murray. Actually my favorite brief running gag on “Mad About You” was Murray chasing a supposedly invisible mouse.

    As for Ducky’s mother’s Corgis there was a throwaway line in one episode in which Ducky says that he found someone else to take the Corgis as he had never really liked them.

  43. Stressfactor says:

    My mother, who also used to do the babysitting scene, loved Kipper as well. She always talked about how cute Kipper’s voice and accent were.

    Adorable, gentle little show.

  44. Yes, where is good ol Rowlf?!

  45. Freeway from Hart to Hart!

  46. You are my new favorite sugitomo! The Muppets ROCK!

  47. warrior rabbit says:

    Whose real name was Moose, I think. Very cute doggie. So smart!

  48. Oh oh and the dog from Fraggle Rock!

  49. warrior rabbit says:

    Zeus and Apollo were Robin’s dogs on Magnum.

  50. warrior rabbit says:

    Freeway from Hart to Hart.

  51. Murray.

  52. Bandit, Little House on the Prairie

  53. pupfanatic says:

    Dangit- you peeps are always beating me to it! I was gonna say Wishbone. How adorbs as one of the 3 musketeers and such???!!!

  54. pupfanatic says:

    P.S. “What’s the story…Wishbone??”

  55. pupfanatic says:


  56. From a NZ perspective there’s The Dog from Footrot Flats comic.

  57. Sprocket. 🙂

  58. Thank you
    I could remember Zeus,but Apollo wouldn’t come to mind. I remember Tom Sellick wouldn’t let them replace the dogs when they got older,said he didn’t want to be chased down the beach by strange dogs 🙂

  59. Rockhopper says:

    indeed Benji! I was looking for him

  60. Toto and Rin-Tin-Tin.

  61. How about Astro from “The Jetsons”? I always liked his “Ruh Roh”! But as far as the dogs listed here, I am partial to Eddie!

  62. Awww, that’s sweet!

  63. Loved Scooby, hated Scrappy.

  64. Mary (the first) says:

    I was looking to see if I was the only one who remembers Rin-Tin-Tin. YAY
    And King, of the Mounties? If I recall correctly.

  65. Yukon King and Sargent Preston of the Mounties

  66. Yes, Eddie belonged to Martin. Frasier put up with him. 😉

  67. Ravensfrost says:

    Pippin from Come Outside should be up on the list too though I may be bias from fond childhood memories (the dog really was the best part of the whole show)

  68. Fird!!! How could you. Lassie is the greatest hero(ine) the world has ever known. I adore Lassie!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

    arf arf arf arf., Lassie: ignore that comment of Fird’s!!!!!

  69. Thank you! Scrolling through the comments looking for that mystery Dog! 🙂

  70. Crystalrabbit7 says:

    Nope, though it is from that era…I came up with it after my aunt gave me a hand-blown glass bunny, and 7 was my lucky number.

  71. Moose AND Enzo. Moose played Eddie for the first six or so seasons. Enzo, who was Moose’s son, took over for the last five seasons when his father retired. They look very similar, but Enzo had a smoother coat. I think that’s Moose pictured.

    Why, yes, I do love Frasier. How’d you know?

  72. Thanks for the info on the Corgis. I stopped watching NCIS a season or two ago, though I still watch NCIS: LA, mostly because I think Hetty rocks…

    I thought of another crime show dog, Diefenbaker the deaf white wolf hybrid on “Due South”. (He was actually played by several Siberian Huskies. )

    A couple of more cartoon canines:
    Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy
    Huckleberry Hound
    Muttley from “Wacky Races”
    Hong Kong Phooey
    Underdog ( and his girl, Sweet Polly Purebred)
    and my favorite, Mr. Peabody the time-traveling dog, who visits the past accompanied by Sherman, his pet boy…

  73. I wasn’t a Scrappy fan, but I have never gotten why people hate him so much. (I’m the same way with Wesley Crusher on ST:TNG …0

    Anybody else remember Dynomutt the Dog Wonder ?

  74. warrior rabbit says:

    Well, but then they should list Boy. But Benji was a movie dog (that I loved). Now, movie dogs — that would be a long list.

  75. Chance!! Exactly what I was thinking.

  76. murray, for sure.

  77. Spot, from the adaptation of the literary series?

  78. Little Freddy from I love Lucy

  79. They missed the best dog of them all – Brandon the Wonder Dog!

  80. Diefenbaker, from Due South…I know, he was supposed to be a wolf, but he was wonderful!

  81. I know it’s not a TV dog, but the jack russell, Uggie, from The Artist and Water for Elephants killed me! Such a cutie, and so well-trained.

  82. What about Balto? He deserves to be on the list!

  83. WHere’s Benji??????????!!!!!!!!