Nomming Elbows IS As Fun As Eet Looks

O HAI! Kuzma The Kat is back! Last time he was going for the brush, and this time, K-Man wants him some prime elbow ACTION. (Except at :15, when he gives us his WHY ARE U HERE glance.) Go, Kuzma, GO!

From Michele W.



  1. Aw that is the sweetest thing ever!! Won’t satisfy the hunger, but that’s ok 🙂

  2. emmberrann says:

    My cats not only nursed on the wool, they ATE it. I was told to not let them do that, because it wasn’t good for them.

  3. My cat does that too. I don’t know her history, but I’ve been wondering if maybe she was taken too soon from her (feral?) mom so that she *suddenly* couldn’t nurse anymore? It’s obviously nursing behavior, and I don’t know why a grown cat would do that otherwise.

  4. Lookee them mittens! THE MITTENS, I tells ya!

  5. That’s kind of creepy.

  6. A had a cat years ago, who liked to nurse on the skin between my thumb and fingers when I first got him as a kitten but he grew out of it. I haven’t seen that behavior in an adult cat before.


  8. When I was a kid we adopted a stray that sucked his toes when he was happy. He sounded like a purring time bomb.

  9. Sweet baby. Of course, one of my boys still does this (to his bed) and he’s now 6+ yrs.

  10. My Pratchett cat nurses on me at night; HOWEVER, I must be on my right side with a pillow in the right place so he can nurse on my left armpit. Or else.

  11. kibblenibble says:

    My kitty, Tiger, would nurse on my chenille bathrobe every night before sleeping. Yes, she was weaned too early, poor baby.

  12. Jackie Rose says:

    Marco the Magificat did this well into adulthood. I always thought he was weaned either too early or too aggressively. He preferred the inside of my left wrist, especially when I was hooked up to the hair dryer (the old bonnet and hose type). I suspect he equated the noise of the blower with me purring.

  13. Someone’s gonna get an inner-elbow hickey.

  14. The Mittens indeed. Oh what cute MITTENS. Squeeee!

  15. Ah, the wool-sucking habit. Oddly enough, it’s more common among Siamese cats for some reason. I’ve never had a cat who did that. But my dearly departed Legolas used to insistently groom my arm with his little sandpaper tongue. For him, it was a comfort behavior since he would only do it when he was feeling very cuddly or uncertain. (I spoke to Pam Johnson-Bennett, a cat behaviorist, about it. She was so nice and glad that I didn’t find his habit annoying, I was only curious about it. She usually has to deal with people wanting to get rid of their cats for the silliest reason.)

  16. As long as it comforts them and they’re not swallowing something bad for them, don’t really care.

  17. My favorite part is that he appears to be making biscuits on the person’s arm as he noms.

  18. I had a cat that liked to grab a big of blanket in her mouth and chew on it while making her bed. Some cats never grown out of the oral fixation just like some humans.

  19. I have a two year old kitty that does this at night, he tucks himself into the crook of my arm and nurses on the inside of my elbow. His mom died when he was only a week or so old so he was never weened properly. He’s a total spaz about everything, and it seems to be more of a comfort thing than anything else.