The Kitteh Covers REVEALED


[Calm down- it’s The Kitteh Covers. -Ed]

OH. Well. Carry on then. [facepalm]















  1. Macho, macho kitty, I want to be a macho kitty.

  2. I wanna have my morning coffee with Nilsson Schmilsson.

  3. Oh, I’m sorry. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. I want to have my morning coffee with Nilsson Schmilsson NOW! Thank-you. Please pass the croissants.

  4. These are so well done!

    I miss record covers. Sniff.

  5. I went to the web site and the Sinéad O’Kitten made me giggle but I love the Let it be cover, they really captured the essence of John and Paul (yes I’m a Beatles nut)

  6. (call/ response background chorus)
    I wanna be a macho kitty !!!

  7. fleurdamour says:

    Dark Side of the Mew-n!

  8. Olivia Mewin’-John?

  9. ThirdShift says:

    Please, CuteOverload, please provide some editorial temperance. This is not cute. This is somebody’s attempt at being clever with cats. Also, 33 photos of a dog’s adventure with his tongue. The same dog. Is this CuteOverload or somebody’s facebook wall of their baby’s picture.

  10. Clairdelune says:

    Who wouldn’t????

  11. Clairdelune says:

    The overwhelming peenkness of the “Grease” kittehs… MUST. KISS.THOSE LIPS. AND NOSICLES.

  12. Clairdelune says:

    I want to HAVE ALL the Village Kittehs. Rightn now, in my lap. Please?

  13. *Passes the croissants and puts the Nilsson Schmilsson CD in the player* Better now, emmmjama?

  14. *passes the croissants and puts the Nilsson Schmilsson CD on* Better now, emmmjama?

  15. Hiccup.

  16. These are GREAT. Love it, well done! *ignoring trolls* Keep up the great work, CO editors!

  17. dedicated lurker says:

    You must check out the link. David Bowie kitty! Bobcat Johnson! Kit Drake! Pink Cat!

  18. I would buy all theses albums, and I don’t even have a record player anymore.

  19. warrior rabbit says:

    Well, we have seen these before on CO, but the Footloose one totally made me laugh snort. Not sure why, exactly.

  20. Feel free to go somewhere else.

  21. Devo cats made me laugh, haha!

  22. ThirdShift says:

    Yes, the answer to all disagreements or feelings to the contrary is always GTFO or “Troll!” It’s a free world. Feel free to ignore opinions at odds with your own and be cozy in your harmonious world.

  23. Ummm. Anyway, ThirdShift’s comment was addressed to CO. So a reply, if any, I think should come from CO. However, when you comment on a public forum, be prepared for others’ two-cents. There’s always

  24. *sung to YMCA*

    C A T S

    *arms moving wildly*

  25. (I would totally take my cats to Fleetwood Cat – Groomers, and I don’t even have a cat.)

  26. Janet in NYC says:

    Fantastic cover art! You can’t get this with downloads…:(

  27. Here ya go. Do these help ?? 🙂

  28. OMG I went to the linkiepoo.

    ABSO LURVED a Depeche Mode cover and also THEEEEEES KEEEELLLED MEEEE:

    (for anypeeps who are not initiated into the Bloooooz, this is a tribute to a feller back frum before people even had TV ….the beginnings of TV were being tinkered with but not present in homes …)

  29. These are great! So funny and cute – my eyeballs were popping out of my head.

  30. Gah! I have a LOT of those exact same album covers right here, in my HOUSE, and furthermore, I remember buying them. *checks watch to see why time is flying so fast*

  31. Somebody needs a hug. MMMMMMwah! A CO hug for you, ThirdShift. 🙂

  32. i thought the first kitty (white one) looked suspiciously like David Bowie. Were they switched at birth?

  33. I love these!!!!!

  34. Oh, I so want to cuddle all these sweet little kitties 😀

  35. I thought the 33? pictures of the same dog was excessive overexsposure of the same subject,repetitive and tedious.And a little unfair given the number of submissions that CO regulars have mentioned submitting and tht have been rejected.

  36. When you harsh the cute people are gonna call you a troll or nuffer. Just how it goes. I think mostly because the internet and people making rude comments seems to go hand in hand. people come to co to see cute pictures and escape even for the briefest of moments the unharmonious world we all live in.

  37. S

  38. Moderations machine has got me.

  39. MmmHmm, but surely a whole bunch of pics is much like a video? In fact, by scrolling down real fast you can actually see Jay’s tongue move! And CO encourages submissions. If some aren’t published, it isn’t a rejection, so don’t give up!

  40. awww KA 😦

  41. Too serious! Look at a puppy in snow post, you’ll feel much better about not liking every single thing this free website provides you with.

  42. Dang, spelled “puppeh” wrong. Hopefully the mod-gods will hear my plea.

  43. I want a cover of green day