Look Into My Paws…

I’d only seen a mini version of this clip. Josh Norem sent a full-length version with the PS, “The classics, they still hold up today.”

So true.


  1. “Look, I’m not touching you….I’m not touching you…” *OOF*

  2. rescue gal says:


  3. Psych!

  4. fleurdamour says:

    The best part is that that video is sometimes subtitled: “Sumo VS Karate”

  5. I also wrote, “Tuxedo taunts tabby, gets tackled.”

  6. I saw this video a loooong time ago, with the title ” Why judo is better than karate”, lol.

  7. Sumo. :)

  8. The one I saw said Judo, not sumo.

  9. I think this is how it all started, the cat video craze… Right?

  10. Classic response?


  11. PAWED

  12. PO-TA-To, pa-tat-o…

  13. dolphin815 says:

    Let’s call the whole thing off.

  14. this is one of the first ones i ever saw!! so cute. paw paw paw paw paw paw SPRING

  15. Got the “fly like a butterfly” part down. “Sting like a bee,” needs a little work.

  16. ROFL STill funny.

  17. “you are getting sleepy…..sleepy…..sleepy………OOF! I guess not!”

  18. I was thinking “You are getting sle-e-py. You will give me your treats.” Other cat: “Like @#$% I will!”

  19. :lol: The things kitties do to each other :lol:

  20. This has always been one of those things that for me has no diminishing returns. I can watch it ten times in a row and laugh just as hard on the 10th time as the first. I’m weird that way.

  21. Lord, yes. Put it on a loop and play it at my funeral.

  22. It’s not just you. Twenty YEARS later, I’m still laughing.

  23. Oh my gosh this was probably the first cat video I ever saw! Who knew? Still hilarious.

  24. I’ve also seen it dozens of times and it still cracks me up. :)

  25. SlaveToCat says:

    Lesson learned. Don’t bring your stupid Super Bowl touchdown victory dance to a Rugby Match.

  26. “haha…I’m not touching you. I’m not touchi…OOF”

  27. Big one is thinking “are you KIDDING me?!”

  28. I thought it was the facial expression that people have, when they stick one eybrow up and say: “Really???” ;)

  29. Hmm, this is my first time in the Mod Lounge. (I didn’t say nuthin’ bad, I promise!) I could go for a little cheese and crackers along with a glass of red wine or is it too early for wine? But as my Dad always says, it’s five o clock somewhere!

  30. You are now an official member of CO. *opens bottle of chilled champagne; lays out platter of raw oysters w/ c*cktail sauce, alongside smoked oysters*. Welcome!

  31. “ersters”, please Angel :)

  32. If do right, no can defense!

  33. 4leafclover says:

    Yes!! Let’s call this kitty “Daniel-san” from now on…

  34. Awww, nice try, tinee tuxee.

  35. Little Kitteh: “I’ma GITchoo! I’ma GITchoo!”

    Big Kitteh: “Mmmmmmm–NOPE!”


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