Life Imitates Otter

These two were made for each otter!

Via an otter Redditter Altbaby


  1. Let’s all hold a vigil to put an end to otter-on-otter violence.

  2. What otter nonsense!

  3. YAY

  4. *** gold clap ***

  5. Where is this magical place where one may pet an otter? I wish to go!

  6. Take me too! Take me too!

  7. Take me, three! In fact let’s rent a bus and road trip…

  8. I otter have one too. That leetle webbed hand keels me!

    (just to be clear: I mean ‘have one’ as in an outdoor friend, not a live-in anipal)

  9. This Otters Otter is Otterly Adorable.

  10. Rawr!

  11. The leetle feengers!

  12. Otters otters otters otters……


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