Is There a Dotter in the House?

Do you suffer from a cute fatigue? When a cute fatigue strikes you, listen to your dotter. Take two eyebrow dots and call us in the morning.

Warninks: Eyebrow dots are known to cause feelings of dizzyness, excessive mindless babbling and may remove you from this plane of existence. But, that’s a small price to pay.

Michelle C.’s pup sez: “Hi, My name is Monty and I live in Dublin! I’m 18 weeks old and I personally think I’m the cutest cavalier!!!”


  1. Not to be too cavalier, but I’m having a cute overdose!

  2. *collapses into sugar coma but is not at all distressed ’bout it…*

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    Monty is correct, he (she?) is, indeed, the cutest cavalier!!

  4. The Bonus Nose Dot puts this over the top! Monty is adorable! Hello Dublin from Virginia!!

  5. Love how he/she is acting so coy in the second picture.

  6. You could drown in those eyes!

  7. I think I found a new password to the mod lounge

  8. Do tell!

    Also, Monty is the very model of a spectacular Cavalier! *singsong*

  9. ooh what is it? what is it?

  10. I think it’s the word for what happens when you breathe water.

  11. Wonder why that one works? No obvious reason. But then, the Mod Gods have been known to be capricious. OMG! Did I say that out loud?!

  12. so snorgle?? choke? OhhhhHHHHhh it’s the D word! Well at least next time I know what to say when I’m looking for a nice sammich and libation…or nap on the couch in Mods. :)

  13. I think I did! I am swimming in a puddle of cute. Such a prosh pupster.

  14. Monty, no argument here. You are the cutest!

  15. This lethal level of Qte should come with a warning (for example: images in mirror are just as cute as they appear), so that folks with a heart condition can prepare themselves! *ded* Just put on my tombstone, “Here lies Angel, alas and forsooth. Say only she died of the terminal Qte”

  16. 260Oakley says:

    My wild Irish nose!

  17. EEEEK

  18. This reminds me, I MUST send in my puppy’s eyebrow dots sometime soon. And mah kitty’s nose dot. :-D

  19. Please, do! :) It’s never enough of lethally cute eyebrow / nose dots!

  20. Oh don’t worry, I will. But let me just say, I will NOT be held accountable for any irrational activities.

  21. *happy dance! happy dance!*

    this is ‘ZACTLY what I needed after a long week! yaayyy eyebrow dots! yaayyy Monty!

  22. *eyes TL…..* Then *joins in*….YAY :) And she didn’t even try to nom the ears!!!!

  23. emmberrann says:

    Monty’s not just cute, he’s beautiful. I want a Monty-doggins. With eyebrow dots.

  24. Oh my stinkin’ gosh, a tri-color Cavvy! *THUD-ud-ud-ud*

  25. I REALLY RELLY REALLY want a dog like this. The cats would hate it but look at the eyebrow dots!

  26. Cavvies are extra-gentle little dogs, who have been known to charm the odd cat or two . . . *shifty eyes*

  27. Shhh! I do not need anymore anipals. Looks outbwindow at three sheep and four chickens and cats romping in back yard.

  28. This little guy’s got the Full Monty going on: redonkulous eyebrow dots, adorable smudge a la nosicle, liquid eyes that steal your very soul, curly earses and a shiny round butt that makes you grit your teeth to keep from taking a huge bite (check it out in pic #2). Holy moly!!

  29. Uselss Factoid for a Monday:

    The “dots” above a dog’s eyes are colloquially known as “angel eyes”, and (according to folklore) allow the dog to see ghosts or spirits.

    So if you see your Doggie McDoggersons staring at open space, perhaps he’s just chillin’ with a ghostie! :)


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