GET OFFA MY LAWN! [Scream in old man voice]

Rita R. sent this in. “We are wintering in Florida and my husband watched this drama unfold.”



  1. uhm. i guess this is funny because you don’t actually live in florida. i do. this is a floridian cat lover’s worst nightmare. good job, cuteoverload…

  2. Killer kitty! Alligators, sharks, long leggity beasties, all are afraid of Killer Kitty.

  3. If these pictures weren’t from Florida I could swear I’ve met that cat before.

  4. 1: pritty kitty
    2: most yards (at least, in places I’ve lived) in Fla don’t simply abut creeks w/ gators on level ground like this.
    3: YIKES!!!

  5. Clearly the kitty is OK, so we can harmlessly revel in this cat’s moxie at driving an alligator back into the water. Had it ended badly, I’m pretty sure the photo wouldn’t have ended up on this site.

  6. Kitties can be very brave when they feel the need. magnesto once chased a hawk out of our yard and my beloved Tuffy Cat once definded my oldest daughter from a five times bigger than him and not very nice dog queensland heeler. tuffy chased him out of his driveway.

  7. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    This kind of thing happens everywhere and at all times. I’m glad the cat is okay and his reptile frenemy left before anything could have happened. But still, the idea of a cat going after a big lizard is pretty funny.

  8. Oh, yeah 🙂 I have read about brave kitties who have protected their owners 🙂

  9. Is there something cats won’t take on? They scare alligators, bears, dogs, babies, you name it.

  10. Dinner rolls, dog tails, individual socks (with or without resident foot), allergic guests…

  11. 😆

  12. nicely ironic, but could be more ironic if the cat’s name was “snack”…

  13. ORANGES! 😛

  14. Note the original sender lives in Florida. Plenty of CO’ers live in Florida, or have family there.

  15. The allergic guest one always gets me….it’s like HOW do they know I can’t pet them??!!. My friend’s cat jumped up on the fridge and was trying to bat at me from there, finally he gave up and just pitifully mewed at me. I said I’m sorry! I can’t pet you!….I think he just took that as a challenge.

  16. touché

  17. …ooh, also, the sound of plastic bags. EEPS

  18. warrior rabbit says:

    Jack, the kitty that treed a bear…

  19. Further proof cats are near fearless!

  20. Jackie Rose says:

    My grandmother had a cat who was the biggest ‘fraidy-cat in the world, except when it came to dogs. I remember seeing him chase dogs twice his size out of his front yard.

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    My long ago tiny Siamese took an instant dislike to the neighbor’s boxer who was innocently out on his lawn .. she took off after him and chased him down the street and around the corner. I don’t think she was even as big as his head. They both came home eventually (unharmed) but the dog was never seen out in the front yard again 😀

  22. …ex-boyfriends. True story. My now deceased kitty (RIP) hissed at him the day of ‘the talk’ when not the day before all had been well. Best. Cat. EVER!

  23. I should say, all well ‘tween Kitty and boy.

  24. musicfoodbeerbikes says:

    Watched my stupid cat stalking a turkey in the front yard one morning. Waited for hilarity to ensue when they cat realized he’d made a major mistake, but the turkey decided to fly, instead.

  25. Yep. That’s why my hubby was so amazed. In our little snowbird trailer court, there are two ponds. A gator goes through a drain pipe between two neighboring courts. If they get too big, they are captured and taken away. Our court has a leash law and cats are to be indoors or leashed. Good thing calico kitteh has moxie!

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow. What a brave (and crazy) kitty. I once had a tough cat, all sleek grey, named Picard. When we lived in Seattle, my ex said that he saw Picard one night outside. He swears he saw Picard encounter a racoon. He said that Picard and the racoon looked at each other in greeting, touched noses, and ran off to play together. I have no idea if this actually happened but Picard was kind of a tough kitty…

  27. One of my kittehs is afraid of nothing…except when I sneeze. Scares the becheezuz out of her. 😀

  28. My cats are fearless…except when it comes to the terrifying Vacuum Monster. Then there is a mad scramble under the bed!

  29. Lawled hard at “resident foot”. Or in the case of my husband, that would be “resident evil”. He’s got some scary, long crow toes! We’re always joking about him having been ‘born on a perch’!

  30. When I was 15, my Princess kitty chased away an intruder. It was a summer night, and the rest of my family were upstairs sleeping. Princess and I were cuddled up on the couch, watching TV in the dark. We heard a noise in the kitchen. I think we both figured it was a mouse, because Princess jumped down from my lap and ran to the kitchen. As soon as she turned the corner, I could hear footsteps running and then the screen door slamming shut. (My brothers never remembered to lock the doors when they came home or left the house.) I tried to convince myself it was all in my imagination, but shortly after I locked the back door, I took a peak out the kitchen window and saw police officers searching the alley.

  31. stinky-inky says:

    I agree with R. I don’t find this very cute. Okay, the brave kitty is safe in the last pic. But come on, most of the time this scene doesn’t end so well.

  32. Wait …turkeys can fly??? 😀

  33. When my mother was younger she heard a true story about a kitten who took on a bloodhound.

  34. lisaLASSIE says:

    Glad that kitty protected you and that nothing bad happened.

  35. It was! My beloved marmie Pumpkin (who is long over the Rainbow Bridge) and who would flee the room in terror if you sneezed, once also chased a teenaged bear out of my grandparents’ yard in PA. My grandmother grabbed him or we think he would have followed him into the woods! Cats are wacky.

  36. C’mere you….mama needs a purse, and some new shoooooose.

  37. i’m going to call a delayed “matchingks!” on pics 1 and 2.

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, my kitties have usually been afraid of it too, so I use that as an excuse to seldom bring it out. Then again, maybe it’s the strangeness of the V.M. that is to blame for the kitteh’s fear .. and I should try to get them accustomed. But then I think, “why take the chance?” and wait again until the health department is about to be notified, before vacuuming again.

  39. My sister’s Siamese, Tyke, took on the family rottweiler, Mitzi, and established his dominance over the house from Day One. In fairness, I should mention that Mitzi was a creampuff to begin with, but that doesn’t explain how a 3 month old kitten could stare her down, smack her nose just once, and win control just like that. Poor Mitzerella would skulk out of every room he entered, till the day she died, and looked embarrassed, too. I miss them both.

  40. The cat came back the very next day?

  41. Hey Shari, I know EXACTLY what that looks like Our cat Smuge (RIP) did the same thing to our creampuff rottie Angel. ( RIP) Who used to make my hubby or I get between the the two so she could walk past Smuge. I just love talking to other rotti parents who know what that’s like. ;oD

  42. Well , since no one else has posted a link this bad A$$ kitty yet I guess I will !

  43. Yeah, we thought he was a goner, but the cat came back the very next day.

  44. *speechless @ kitteh’s audacity*. Smacked the second alligator down, too!

  45. Hee hee! I love it that Angel needed an escort, and yaay, Smudge! Rotties are sweet and protective doggies, and it’s hilarious that a wee cat can take them to school!

  46. *snerk*

    if it was about a cute fluffy animal, I would feel differently but gators aren’t ‘xactly cuddly people ….

  47. well, Siamese *DO* rather have a street rep as bein’ gangsta…

  48. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Tell that to my roommates’ cats whenever anybody vacuums.

  49. Theadosia says:

    A previous cat of mine put my ex in the hospital. Sadly, I did not take the hint at the time and stayed around for another couple of years, when I should have cleared off as soon as the wounds healed.

  50. Oh. My. Word!

  51. Have no embedding skilz, but check out (The cat came back)

  52. or *lunchbox* one lucky kitty that wasn’t a ‘gator meal!

  53. My dear departed Libby would bravely face down the Evil Blow Dryer and give it a paw whap.

  54. Best. Cat.Name. Evar.

  55. You don’t mess with calico.

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    To T.U.M.: A bit of story about Picard, and this is totally true…(grab teddy bear and settle in). I’ve told this story before on here but I’m going to tell it again. Once upon a time, me and my ummmmm. Not sure what to call him. Okay. Me and the guy I was with at the time were traveling about the west coast in our V.W. bus. Picard was with us, of course, as he was our son. We would drive during the day and camp at night. Sometimes, we would wake up in our bunk in the back, rub the sleep out of our eyes, and see Picard sleeping on the dashboard. We would look at each other and say, “Captain’s on the bridge.”

  57. “ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!”


  58. Queen of Dork says:

    Man I miss those care free days! It was all:

    Gone are the days we stopped to decide,
    Where we should go…
    We just ride.

    -Grateful Dead

  59. Right…and of course bananas.

  60. I wholeheartedly agree. Is this photographer out of his mind?!

  61. 😆

  62. LOL when the first gator brought reinforcements! (Very fat gators=not hungry)

  63. Thi S is my experience with calicos too especially the torbie ones. They are the boss of everyone!

  64. And there is the kitteh who loves dolphins. Inter species snorgel. A friend shared this on Facebook.

  65. Amen!

  66. I live in Florida and have for 32 years. I find no cute in this at all. I have 3 cats (indoor only) and seeing this makes me feel ill. Gators are VERY fast and kitty could have easily been dinner!

  67. Florida rule of thumb – for every body of water, there is at least one gator!

  68. Normally, I wouldn’t let this through. It’s too scary. But I didn’t realize that cats in Florida have to be careful outside! And being a loyal Q.T. doesn’t hurt either. 😉