Friday Haiku: Windows To The Soul

The eyes view all things

They are windows to the soul

Seeing joy everywhere

Sent in by F. Birfle, and image from Arthur K.’s FB.



  1. Golden orbs
    Ever changing colors
    Watching and waiting
    You can not escape their view.

  2. Look there goes a mouse
    I should get up and chase him
    But it is nap time

  3. Opps not a haiku

  4. Beauty, ’tis but this:
    Golden fur, golden iris
    The blink of an eye

  5. But poetic.

  6. SlaveToCat says:

    Soul Steelers they are
    Golden Rings of Love and Joy
    Happy, Sad, Forever Yours

  7. (YAY!!! I loved this photo when I first saw it & now CO has posted it!!)

    Doing a Happy Dance

  8. Humans are asleep
    I see it is 2 a.m.
    Barfing shall commence!

  9. lol, you and the barfing, Saffron… 🙂

  10. Wow, what a photo. Amazing…..

  11. 😀

  12. A view of the world
    Thru the eyes of a kitten
    Must seem wonderous

  13. Stunning.

  14. Incredible photo!

  15. Incredible that the photographer was able to get that close to the cat. Never mind using a macro lens to capture the detail.

  16. Matchingks iris, fur
    Contrasts vertical pupil
    Side-eye: soul still sucked!

  17. oooooooo VEWWY nice !!!

  18. Looks kinda like a Palantir showing Sauron’s eye.

  19. Clairdelune says:

    I can relate ceejoe… learned to tiptoe carefully whenever a nocturnal trip to the loo is required, never know what is waiting to get on your bare toes…

  20. heh heh… I have to defer credit to Saffron, who wrote the haiku. She has one that barfs alot. 🙂 And yes, I can relate too – I wear slippers ALL YEAR ROUND in my house.

  21. Is this a cat? Haha! That is a cute eyes..

  22. Yes! I can see The Eye here. I mean, Sauron’s Eye. But I’m not scared. I’m fascinated.

  23. My thougths exactly! 🙂

  24. What a beautiful haiku! You are very talented, Madame X 🙂

  25. And nice, and true 🙂

  26. Eyes, sharp with focus…
    Wait, my haws are coming out.
    It’s nap time. Plink plink.

  27. rescue gal says:

    All I have is WOW. Not that creative, I know.

  28. but it gits tha pernt across successfully 🙂

  29. Nice catch, Firdie!

  30. Gorgeous cat, beautiful photo…then the guffaw-making hovertext.

  31. tommygirl says:

    Wicked cool

  32. Congrats on another great find! It’s mezermizin.

  33. YAY cuteness !!! (Thx, Theresa!) 🙂

  34. Technical Question: is that phrase reserved only for Bahstonians????

  35. thx and I thank Arthur K and Erny as well!!

  36. most accurate ma’am

  37. she must know whereof she speaks…..

  38. Ditto. Slippers help you avoid all those cat presents that can’t crawl up your slippers, but there are always those cat presents that can.

  39. is the ring tingling?

  40. Pretty much localizeded to Maine and eastern Massachusetts, but the natives know exactly how cool wicked cool is. In other words, it don’t come more cool than wicked cool.

  41. AWW 😀 What a sweet looking kitty 😀