Everybody Out of the Sofa! It’s a Cat!

Remember how we pointed out how cats were such fearless killing machines? Well, it turns out even sharks aren’t safe from them!

Amelia with a plush shark, via Paulo Ordoveza.



  1. Ques Jaws music…… Dodod dood dood dooo dooo doooo dooooo doooo!
    Everybody out of the water… CAT!!!!!!!!

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    Tiger Kitty takes out Tiger Shark nom nom nom. The birth for the taste of tuna.

  3. You’re gonna need a bigger shark!

  4. Gigi (and Amelia, natch) WIN


  6. I must get a sharky toy for my furbabies.

  7. So Fierce!

  8. and also T.U.M. wins too

    Guess it’s a three way tie for winnah today

  9. hey ka 🙂

    didja notice the url, above ??

    Shifty Eyes

  10. A fish is a fish, right?

  11. 260Oakley says:

    To gnaw
    Or not tuna
    That is the question

  12. Ha!

  13. Shark’s face is appropriately D:

    This would make a great Japanese monster movie. Quick, get Toho on the line, STAT!

  14. Cute Fluffy Kitten Dominates Shark… News at eleven.

  15. Discovery Channel needs to have a kitten week every year now.

  16. Why are angry kitten ears so cute?

  17. I would be careful, that kitten in the background could teach a shark a thing or two about stealth.

  18. Wow! *speechless*

  19. “RAWR” — Amelia

  20. 😆 Go get that shark, Amelia 😆

  21. Fird not until i made my comment. It just proves great minds think alike LOL!

  22. Also OMG! I watched Jaws when it first came out and even going into a lake to swim that summer was scarry.

  23. I’m surprised no one has made a Shark Sandwich reference yet…

  24. Really happy my kitten made CO but could you check the link on my name? A pasted URL appears to have gone awry.

    Also, more kitten-sharkage: http://flic.kr/p/dT9ZcM

  25. How do you not nom off those ears and snorgle that belly? btw, who is the black kitty?

  26. The black kitty is Martha, Amelia’s litter-sister. She’s the rowdier of the pair, but doesn’t care for sharks. (Doctor Who names, by the way, assigned by their foster mom before we adopted them. They were such cool names we kept them.)

  27. Cool names for adoable kitties.

  28. I also have a beanie-baby shark that my cat steals off the shelf and mauls.