Coati Pie

Do you know the coati? These little darlings are in the raccoon family and can go down trees head first.

Usually lots of lady coatis hang out together in what is called “bands” (We’re coming to your town! We’re gonna party down!)

Gentlemen coatis hang out by themselves (I’m Mr. Lonely).

Alex T. takes a snorftastic photo.



  1. Alex T is starting to rival Josh N for awesome pics!

  2. Coati would appear to be superb subjects for Nosevember!!!

  3. Let me tell you, Alex T deals in quality AND quantity.

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    Crash Band o’Coatis.

  5. Do I get coatis if I pet him?

  6. Only if you sleep with him.

  7. There actually IS a band called Coatimundi.

  8. Love the coati – want to snorgle the coati, except for the part where I may get clawed beyond recognition. The coati’s snoot is so adorable it is just asking for a kiss!

  9. Bless you for invoking Grand Funk Railroad. I think.

  10. Kari Callin says:

    The nose knows what the nose knows, you know? 😉

  11. only if you’re not immune to the purple polka-dotted ones

  12. those little ears are pretty dang cute! who knew?

  13. Coatimundis IN ACTION!!! Check out the stripey tails!

  14. PS: WARNING: Extra-Kuh-RAZY cuteness: Coati Baby!

  15. Candy Coatied! 🙂

  16. 😀

  17. Alice Shortcake says:

    I now want to start a dating agency for lonely gentleman coatis. It seems a bit unfair that the ladies should spend all their time together, no doubt getting drunk and shopping for high heels (not necessarily in that order).

  18. So basically giant cats looking to steal your food right outta your lunch bag.

  19. well huh, apparently I’m a lady coati – minus the shopping part 🙂

  20. Coulda waited a few days and posted this on Mundi.

  21. He needs a nose job. I know a good plastic surgeon! LOL

  22. Didn’t CO just post this pic? 😉

  23. Crazy Pants says:

    Ha!!!! You totally got me, Pyrit!

  24. I met one in Costa Rica. A tour guide lured him down from a tree and fed him. We all thought his squeak was cute.

  25. Thanks guys, appreciate it!