We’ve Found Nemo—He’s Headed To Boston And NYC

Boston, New York City and the northeast USA are in for some heavy winter weather with Winter Storm Nemo. (When The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is headed your way- there’s trouble.)

While some of our animuhl friends may love the snow, there’s also a serious side to the weather for ’em, like making sure they are well taken care of! So read this and then hunker down!

[Sounds better than “Batten down those hatches!” Who has hatches? -Ed]




Creditos: Videos of Ella The Wheatie from Laura C. Photos: 1) Hank’s photograph by Gary, submitted by Angela. 2) Clifford from Kelsey S. 3) Chibi Da Yorkster from Tiffany L. 4) Sophie sent in by Leah.



  1. Sophieeeeeeeee…….

  2. I expect all doggies, regardless of breed, to look like Sophie on a snowy day. White and fluff-tacular!

  3. I wanna play with Ella! Our Cairns LOVED snow just like my winter-lovin’ self.

  4. I’m so glad to have an old fashioned storm. Got to enjoy watching my neighbour’s adult bulldog give up trying to regularly get around the backyard. Instead, he reverted to puppy-galloping in the snow covered backyard today!

  5. Aaawwww, Sophie looks my late Molly when she was a puppeh. I lurve Pyrs!

  6. Good exercise for Ella’s hoomin too. Good hoomin!

  7. I SMOOCH all the noses!

  8. THA FLOOFINESS!!!!! (Sophie)

    also will humans please note — again — the URL !!!

  9. I really need to start rememberin’ to read the URLs!

  10. 😆 Clifford 😆

  11. where do you find them?

  12. uh, i just answered mah question kthxbai

  13. oh em geeee little Sopheh is so fluffeh!

    and BOOOP on that giant schnozzola!

  14. She’s like a snowplow, haha! Doesn’t mind the snow ONE bit.

  15. Baby Pyrs always look like they’ve been manufactured in the Gund factory. 🙂 Also, don’t let this look fool you, Pyrs LOVE the cold and the snow. She’s probably more worried you’ll make her come inside already!

  16. This is exactly how I ended up with a Pyr in high school. He looked like a stuffed animal!!! I needed him! He looked exactly like Sophie there. My precious Buddy Bear… no one could compare to his floof. My friend met him when he was full grown, and said “You said you had a dog, that’s a polar bear!!!” *sigh* I miss my boy. I would love to have another. Maybe someday I’ll have enough room.

  17. Yep, 2 feet or so in SE Mass. Yep, three little goggies out jumping in it. But just when did they start naming blizzards, for pity’s sake? C’mon, it’s just a blizzard!

  18. Every day I’m shovelin’…

  19. John Gideon Graham says:

    I made the picture of the little Yorkie when he was a baby four years ago. It was Lucky Luke’s first snow here in Gemany where we live. He loved it! I don’t know how many corners the picture took to land here, but I am happy with whoever did it. You can steal my pictures anytime.

  20. 😀