Needful Things

A nap

Lip balm

A Babysitter


Our needy friends in order of appearance; Speedy the kitten sent in by Muffy M., sable antelope by Sean G. of Getty, Buffy and babies sent in by Wendy E. and bear by Alex T., Field Guide and Hyaena Specialist.



  1. love!

  2. Being a wee-tiny kitten is exhausting, but before his well-deserved nap, Speedy needs a face-scrubbing with a grandma hanky well-moistened with the best all-around miracle cleaner, grandma spit. My own Grandma Freda did not suffer a kitty eye-booger to live in her presence!

  3. Just wonderful.

    One other thing anipals need: someone to help them out of misery. My beautiful 20-year-old cat Madeleine L’Engle Gerish goes on her last visit to the vet tomorrow. My heart is breaking but I have to do it for her. So please, CO peeps, tell me I’m doing what’s best. Lie to me if you have to, just help me get through this rough night and day ahead.

  4. I am Kelsey (daughter of Wendy), the owner of Buffy and her pups. They are now pushing six weeks and look like they’ll be substantially bigger than mama. When they feed, it’s like a clown car.

    These are the sort of surprises that might occur when adopting from a Korean animal shelter.

  5. I’m so sorry for you and Madeleine. I know this is painful but you know that this is for her. She needs this and you need to know that she loves you and you love her. That will not change. Ever.

  6. I am more than willing to cuddle with kitten to help her sleep, buy a case of cherry-flavored blistex, babysit those pups and I will friend you on fb, I promise.

  7. Oh dgerish, I’m so very sorry. I had one of my beloved puppers put to sleep just last month and since then, I’ve gone back and forth, agonizing between “I know I let him go too soon” and “I can’t believe I allowed him to suffer that long.”

    You can second guess yourself from now until forever but… please don’t. All we can do is love the heck out of them, treat them like the angels that they are, and then let them go. I KNOW you’re doing the best thing for your dear Madeleine. I just know it. And at some point, you will know it too and you’ll be at peace with your decision.

    I would go with you tomorrow if I could but please know that I’m with you in thought. If there’s anybody who know exactly what you’re going through, it’s the CO peeps. I have a feeling a lot of us will be with you in thought.

  8. aw dgerish 😦

    I understand, a bit, where you are emotionally presently.
    Our family hadda put a beloved family doggeh down many yrs ago. His life was more unhappy, discomfort and “accidents” of the bathroom variety that had never happened before ….. Only time I ever saw my tough Navy Pilot Captain, dad, cry.

    but ya know that you’ve looked out for her comfort & joy of life for many many years [twenty yrs is AWESOME length of life for a kitteh]…and that keeping her alive would not be fun for her …..

  9. My BFF had to put down both of her cats recently. She’s heartbroken, but they’d both gotten to the point, healthwise, where she couldn’t help them anymore. Nobody ever wants to do the necessary. Sometimes, though, it’s the only loving thing you can do for them.

  10. I’ll babysit! I volunteer!

  11. sabrina rose says:

    You are doing the right thing. No person or animal should suffer needlessly. Your kitty will fall asleep hearing only soft, loving words while you gently stroke her fur. Think of the blessed release she will feel as she crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.

  12. I am in need of that sleepy kitten. His cuteness level is potent.

  13. There’s no need to lie to you Dgerish. You ARE doing the right thing. You already know that. It’s just your love & heartache talking when you have doubts. Your love for your baby is what makes you such a good parent & is what will give you the strength to do what you know is the right thing to do for your baby . Good parents do whats right for their kids no matter how it makes them feel. Now go to a mirror & repeat until you believe it…. : “I AM A GOOD PARENT!”

  14. As the sender-inner, I can tell you that Speedy was not just exhausted from the cuteness, he had conjunctivitis at the time. (Being taken in feral and weighing less than a pound as a wee one can do that to you!) But I loved the pics of him then ’cause he looked like he’d just been tokin’ some weed, man – right before he chowed down and then fell asleep. Hmmmm. Maybe he WAS high.

  15. Dgersh, sometimes the hardest things are the most necessary. When there is no way to make a beloved companion better and confortable. We have to do the brave thing. Hugs. My heart is breaking for you right now.

  16. I love the picture of the bear and his beautiful leaf.

  17. I have had to make the heartbreaking decision to do the kindest thing for some of my precious anipals, great and small, over the years. It is the best thing for them when they reach the point of no return. When it is a larger, more aware animal, like a cat, I always make sure that, when it happens, they are wrapped up in something I have been wearing specially for several days, like an old T shirt, so that my scent is on it. That way (I tell myself) they know I am close to them and love them dearly in their last minutes.

  18. *Waving pompoms for muffy*

  19. I remember when I was nursing my babies and was desperate for some “me-time”, dearly though I loved them. I’d have been happy for the opportunity just to smell the garbage, drink out of the toilet and roll in the grass as well

  20. dgerish, I am so sorry! And yes, you are doing the right thing. You have obviously done well by your beloved Madeline for her to have lived 20 years! The love you have for is telling you that it is time to let her go. (I know it’s hard..have been through it.) Many people here will be sending you good thoughts…peace.

  21. So… feeding means Pall Malls and Wild Irish Rose?

  22. Dgerish, it is never an easy decision, but yes, you ARE doing right by your beloved Madeleine. True love is putting your loved one’s well-being before your own, and that’s just what you are doing.

    Know that, and know also that the CO community is with you.


  23. phred's mom says:

    Dgerish, whenever you feel the guilts creeping
    up on you, remind yourself of the compassion
    you have for your baby. We’ve all been in this
    position and know intimately what you are
    feeling. My Phred had been in pain for almost
    a year with arthritis, was deaf, and was having
    uncontrollable bathroom issues for a month
    He was thirteen. On the day of his last vet
    visit, he seemed in great shape; in the waiting
    room, another petmom asked me why he was
    there, he looked wonderful (shiny black coat,
    perky attitude, etc.) I couldn’t tell her why, I
    could hardly speak.) Fred left us on one of
    his rare good days, and I have been going
    through the guilt/pardon thing ever since.
    Years and years, now. You are not alone.
    When this is done toast her with a big mug
    of hot chocolate and rum, and know she is
    now OK. As are you.

  24. You are doing the right thing. I have been faced with that decision many times myself it’s the hard part of having pets. But they gives us so much love through the years the least we can do is make sure they do not suffer needlessly.

  25. I’m home sick today so what I need is a warm pupp(y) pile to keep me warm and a cure for the common cold. Oh and some chicken soup would be nice.

  26. [and throwing glitter in the air for muffy]

  27. dgerish, you are doing the best thing you can for your beautiful kitty. She will know that she was loved more than anything in the world. My thoughts will be with you.

  28. Warm get well thoughts to you, Gigi.

  29. phred's mom says:

    Gigi, m’amie, here is a five-gallon bucket
    of Jewish penicillin/chicken soup for you.
    Today is a good day to “cocoon”, what with
    feeling bad and the coming snow. Relax
    and pull the quilt up to your chin. Feel
    better soon.

  30. Everybody, thanks so very much for your kind words, sympathy, and support. It means more than I can possibly say on this sad, sad day.

  31. They only wish. (Actually, it’s half-solid food and half-milk. You’re not supposed to get them on the cigarettes and booze until they’re AT LEAST three months.)

  32. Yummy! Thanks!

  33. phred's mom says:

    De rien, Gigi.

  34. It’s the most noble thing we can do to care for something/one when they cannot even help themselves. We don’t do it because we expect to get anything in return; we just do it because we just know it’s right. If we only took care of our pets and made decisions for them when it was easy, it wouldn’t mean so much. Madeleine must have lead the most wonderful life with you to care for her for years and love her so much that you would even do this for her, even though it’s very difficult for you. Glad to know that there are people out there like you, who bear the weight of tough decisions so that there is less suffering for another. No lies.

  35. Aww. Rescute just adds that nth degree of cuteness.

  36. AWW 😀 I am so glad you are able to give dear sweet Speedy a loving forever home, muffy 😀

  37. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about your dear sweet beautiful 20-year-old cat Madeleine L’Engle Gerish, dgerish 😥 Your love for her will guide to her and she will be waiting for you at the “Rainbow Bridge” 😥

  38. 😀