Undercover Mission

Day One: Agent Toebeanerminator. Seeking to uphold the cat vs. dog legacy. Vague memory of cats-rule-dogs-drool obscured by snorglefest.  Meanwhile, these ears are delectabuhls.

A new age has begun, Buzzfeed animals!



  1. I wanna romp with the puppehs! What a cute little bunch.

    If this is all one litter, Mom must be extra exhausted. That’s a lot of babies!

  2. Has anybody been able to count them? 10?

  3. As someone who’s always found crawlspaces to be creepy and claustrophobic, I would gladly crawl under those boards and into that sleepy puppy pile at the end.

  4. Oh no, please tell me there is no impending snow storm in the mod lounge!


  6. tommygirl says:

    Sign me up for one of them pups!

  7. StormCat42 says:

    EARS!! Awww look at those cute feet… EARS! What cuties they are… Oh, did I mention EARS?????

  8. What about the little whappity tailios? WHAPWHAPWHAPWHAP!

  9. I got ten too

  10. I’m thoroughly confused by all the comments because I’m seeing a kitty and Doberman playing in bed…

  11. Someone is clearly messing with our minds—as if we need help with THAT on a Thursday afternoon. There was a linky with a whole herd of white 7 week-old puppies happily frolicking, ears flapping and talios whapping…

  12. same with me here. An adorable kitty nomming a patient doberman’s ears. Tracylee, is that you? 🙂

  13. Morphing posts! Now it’s a doberman patiently allowing a kitty to nom his ears. *splort*

  14. Kitty is rockin’ a middle part, hipster-style.

  15. warrior rabbit says:

    “We’ve secretly replaced their regular [puppies] with [Pancake and Sugar Tree]; let’s see if they notice.”

    Yeah, it was a herd of puppies and now it’s an adorable interspecies pair… snorgling in bed (the shame!).

  16. ha!! nice catch.

  17. warrior rabbit says:

    Well, while my comment is being moderated… Let’s just point out that Pancake and Sugar Tree are just two of the many amazing animals tended to by that girl who had sheep in her living room! Remember?! And the IG that stole things. And and and…

    Get a load of this delightful recap of her 2012 animal adventures (some of which were featured here):

  18. Glad I didn’t just imagine them… I love both videos but my earlier comment really doesn’t apply to this one at all.

  19. Lots of love there! And fun! And hijinks!

  20. Well? Where’s the tail whapping video?! I wanna see it, too!

  21. yet another awesome punk band name ….. AND NOW, Cleveland, onstage, LIVE,


  22. MarvinCat says:

    That is one GOOD doggie!

  23. wow that camel really loves her. ❤ How sweet! They are not really known for their lovableness….more for their spitting. lol

  24. Me too!! It’s a kitten & doberman. Am I in some kind of CO parallel universe??

  25. White feets with black beans! Kryptonite! KRYPTONITE!

  26. That doting dobie deserves a Marc Anthony tag for putting up with the ear nibbles.

  27. Me too!!

  28. Thank goodness you said that. I thought I was having a stroke. 🙂

  29. The kitten has a hairline! lol. Like he;s wearing a toupee…

  30. Sooo cute! Since kitteh nommed on doberman’s ears, if I nommed that kitteh’s ears then by the transitive property I will have also nommed on doberman’s ears.

  31. Tlynnclemmons says:

    yep – i’m seeing a kitteh with a beanie on playing with a dobbie who seems to not mind at all!

  32. So adorabuhls

  33. thinking we need a Marc Anthony tag.

  34. Awe! Reminds me of our Doberman. She was always so gentle with our cats/kittens >^,,^<

  35. Sure. So if cows are vegetarians and you ate a cow, then transitively you would be a vegetarian. Sweet.

  36. AWW 😀 The Doberman is being a loving mom/dad to that sweet little kitty boy/girl 😀