The Iron Is Flat, Here Comes the Cat

The Internet has spoken, and to the surprise of nobody whatsoever, it has chosen a cat to replace a member of the pantheon of Monopoly tokens, via an online poll. So who got the boot? The lowly iron, a victim of today’s modern wrinkle-free fabrics.




  1. Truuly, when they win world domination on the Monopoly Board, it can only ne a matter of time…

    This is a rather slinky, up-town type. Whatever happened to the squat, boxy token shape you had to squint to make out?

  2. Well thank god they didn’t take out the car! I’m the car! IIIIIIII’m the car!!! Oh and I’ll be yellow when we play Sorry! 😀

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Now anyone who lands on Community Chest will be required to scoop it. Except the cat, of course.

  4. I love cats so this will make a fine addition to the game. However I’ll miss the iron. We used to make it go “hisssss, Hisssssss” as we slid it over every square.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Surely you could do that with the cat as well.

  6. If you like board games and cats, I can totally recommend Cats’ Mansion ( My boyf gave it to me for Christmas – the greedy cat has to find his food bowl, the lazt cat has to get his cushion… it’s great!

  7. What I think Mamabear is trying to say is that she’s the car. SSSHE’S the car!!!! 🙂

    The dog has been a Monopoly piece since the beginning of time, so it’s only right that they should now include a kitteh. I notice the “M” on the cat’s tag… Maru? 🙂

  8. Ha!

  9. Aw I’ll miss the iron. My mom was always the iron (sounds cliche, but she just liked it, haha).

  10. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I miss the battleship.

  11. I’m the dog, and my husband was always the car. He always won too.

    I knew this was NTMTOM when I read the hovertext. Awesome as usual.

  12. according to this article, “the car, top hat, and dog …were all possessions of the wealthy. The thimble, wheelbarrow, old shoe, and iron were possessions or tools of the poor.”

    so what are they saying by replacing the iron? are they making kitty here a possession or tool of the poor?

    I don’t like change

  13. The cat was my first choice but that robot was really cool too!

  14. 260Oakley says:

    They are saying that a kitty is a tool of oppression that comes into your life to make you poor.

    Any other questions? 😉

  15. so… you want to be the thimble, is what I’m hearing..

  16. Coffee Cup says:

    I liked the robot! But I think the cat should be a curled up cat. It looks like it would fall over a lot otherwise.

  17. 😀 That’s the truth! I spent waaay more on kitteh health care than my own. 🙂

    Well worth it though.

  18. Becasue it is a cat, the M stands for MINE, since everything I have including the house, is my kittehs’. 😀

    I am wondering if the Scottie was put in the game by Parker Brothers in the 1930s to honor Fala, FDR’s doggeh?

  19. Oh Amen to that! I would probably be a millionaire if not for all the kitteh expenses over the years! But I do love them, so I wouldn’t change a thing!

  20. In an article tracylee links to below, it says “a little terrier like Asta, then famous from “The Thin Man” movie series”

  21. I liked being the iron because it was the easiest piece for my big clumsy fingers to pick up.

  22. Tim McDaniel says:

    The image title/mouseover is “But the game will still have something that makes a hissing noise, so there’s that.”

    The iron that I own can also spray. A cat … huh, what a coincidence …

  23. HA!

  24. There was a battleship?

  25. This has nothing to do with cats or cat-lovers, but the cat token is weak. It looks uncreative given that the Scottie was already the “green M’n’M” of Monopoly tokens. The robot actually captures our cultural zeitgeist, and would have been a good representation of 2013 (technology! hipsters! fascination with our recent past! irony!) for future decades.

  26. Hehehe.

  27. Holds cat token in one hand and robot token in the other hand looks at them… Ponders the robot for a nano second. Nope the cat wins hands down.

  28. Plus now i ahve three tokens i want to play as … The cat the scottie or the wheelbarrow.

  29. Ahh, good. My evil overlord … er … I mean master …er … no … cat! Yes, my cat will be glad to know that her plans for world domination are wor … er … I mean … *sad sigh* I’m doomed.

  30. SlaveToCat says:

    Comes with a “Get out of Litter Box Cleaning Free” card.

  31. Ahh, good. My evil overlord … er … I mean master … er … no … uhh … cat! Yes, my cat will be glad to know that her plans for world domination are wor … er … I mean … uhh … I’m in trouble now.

  32. I need to go back to bed.

  33. Well, there was, but, dang it, you sunk it. You sunk my battleship!!

    Oooh, oooh, remember when you’d lose some of the pieces and you’d use some other object in it’s place?! Oh, oh, whatta flashback from childhood! I distinctly remember using Barbie shoes as pieces! You know, cause you’d invariably lose one of her ridiculously high, high heels and have just the one left? You couldn’t bear to part with it because you were just SURE that the other one would turn up one day?

    Speaking of childhood, I just remembered how my dad would let me “cook” his coffee and breakfast in my little play oven. Poor guy would head off to work with a cuppa cold coffee and scrambled eggs on many mornings. I remember how he’d sit so patiently like a big ol’ cricket with his knees in his chest and wait at my tiny little play kitchen table for his breakfast to “cook”.

    Thinking of my dad AND Barbie, now, reminds me of how he’d save the plunger and needle caps from his insulin syringes so that I could use those as Barbie drinking glasses and pitchers! Awww, thanks CO for roundabout-y making me think of my very missed dad today! 😀 but also a little 😦 , too.

  34. Awww geez, Mamabear, I’m sniffling a little with you now too… 🙂 😦

  35. I like the thimble, but I suppose I can put the thimble on the cat’s tail and be both 😀

  36. Oh yeah–the cat should totally have been in a box.

  37. Fird Birfle says:


  38. Fird Birfle says:

    ain’t nothin’ wrong wif goin’ back to bed Kaya!!!

    We’ll be glad to see ya when you feel fully rested. 🙂

  39. Fird Birfle says:


  40. Sounds like something to discuss with your marriage counselor:

    I’m tired of him always being in the driver’s seat and he just expects me to hang my head out the window and go with it….

  41. Well, the cat could be a symbol of the rich OR the poor, so that’s nice. Also, I like to think it’s a tribute to the time my first cat Maggie strolled onto our Monopoly board during a game and LAID DOWN ON IT. We all yelled “NOOOOO” and laughed at the same time. 🙂 That was fun.

  42. I voted wheelbarrow myself. Why would one want to be a wheelbarrow? Bravo on the nice addition though. My personal fave was always the Scottie dog.

  43. I had a chubby-chubby once. The vet gave me a print out for reccomended diet food.

    It had organic chicken, fresh vegtables including fresh spinach. I don’t get fresh spinach and organic chicken every day but i’m giong to give it to the cat?

  44. Rusted is more like it.

  45. tenshihitomi says:

    If you still have a set with an iron, nothing says she can’t go on being the iron:)

  46. IK, R ? 🙂

  47. AWW 😀 I am so happy that Monopoly now has a kitty piece in it 😀 I will buy a Monopoly Game just to get the kitty piece 😀

  48. Keep the iron! Dump the wheelbarrow!

  49. And MB s supposed to bring out a commemorative edition this spring with a complete set of all the tokens they’ve ever had. The new sets with the cat will come out in the fall…