Don’t Forget That New Year’s Resolution!

Remember? The one where you were gonna lay off the donuts and exercise more? You even went out and bought that exercise machine thingy? And- oh, never mind.

You can always start tomorrow.



Laura S. sent us Jasper the blue Persian.



  1. Looks better with the kitty on it, than if I were on it.

  2. Most expensive kitty bed ever! That’s about how I feel after a good workout…

  3. “Hey, my resolution was ‘More time on the treadmill.’ Done.” :mrgreen”

  4. Lady Rune says:

    Oh goodness! He looks absolutely exhausted!

  5. What the heck? I’m back in the mod lounge again?

  6. That must have been some workout!

  7. Alice Shortcake says:

    That’s my reaction to exercise equipment, only with less cuteness and ear fluff. And more fat, obviously.

  8. To be sung to either the Time Warp (“back in the Mod Lounge again” …) or
    to the tune for “Back in the Saddle Again” …..

    all my sympathies, Mme la Therese 🙂

  9. Aw c’MON Moderatorz !!! Cannot we get a “Sleppy” Tag heah ??????

  10. A matchingk tag while we’re at it – the cat looks kinda a Nordic.

  11. Nice end quote there, Ms Theresa. :mrgreen: 😛 😉

  12. and we’ll drink and dance with one hand free, have a shaken Sardini, oh we’ll be a sight to see…

  13. would if I could

  14. 😥

  15. la pauvrecita Mme Therese !!!

    shoot, Theresa, it just allows us to know that you are *human* rather than the
    source of absolutely every internet related item. You out-hit ALL of us on yr sourcing inneresting & quirky bits o vid 🙂

  16. SlaveToCat says:

    Let me know when the weekend starts

  17. Sarbleeni?

  18. “Wha’… what is a ‘weekend’?”

  19. Um, doesn’t kitteh know he is taking up valuable storage space on the treadmill? Cause that is what they are used for….to store boxes on clothing on… 😀

  20. Action, I don’t think so – More like an extreme closeup inertia … which is even cuter!

  21. JustcallmeJJ says:

    Oh dear, the cat has melted.

  22. 😆 Hard to use a treadmill when a cute kitty is sleeping on it 😆