Now, now dear (singsong). You didn’t ask and you didn’t say please. Sooo, how do we get what we want?
… . . .  .  .  .

Grab it before anybody else does! (stuuuffs pouch, runs away)

Keep up the good work at Coast and Canyon Wildlife, Kim B.



  1. Or, as the conversation goes in our household:
    “Now, how do you ask nicely?”
    “No. There is a nicer way to ask.”
    “Try using a complete sentence.”
    “Please, I can have more juice?”

    We frown upon humans doing the quick grab. That’s what we have cats for: impolite behaviors.

  2. Just stuff It, Stuff It, Stuff It, Stuff It
    No One Wants To Be Defeated
    Showin’ How many grapes you can steal
    It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Real
    Just Stuff It, Stuff It
    Just Stuff It, Stuff It
    Just Stuff It, Stuff It
    Just Stuff It, Stuff It

  3. Oh Moderations Gods Please free me I have a great comment

  4. Man, I hate when shoppers sample the fruit in the grocery store.

  5. *pulls out the posterboard and the Crayolas*

    *begins a chant*

    kitty-AD!!! kitty-AD!!!! go kitty AD GO!!!!!

    2-4-6- EIGHT ; who
    [alongside the Mod Gods, ‘course …] do we a- ppreciATE???


  6. also? them grapes luuk lahk guud eeeeatin!!! 🙂

  7. The Grapes of Wrath

  8. He can’t stuff that in his pouch, it’s bigger than his head!!!

  9. Here KA, a libation while you wait to be freed. We try to make everyone’s stay in the lounge a bit comfy 🙂

  10. *snerk* good one Rosemary 🙂

  11. these squiggles must be from the other side of the pond/tracks/kindergarten classroom from our usual, genteel sort

  12. hehe – I wonder if Pyrit realized that the very word for the fruit pictured sends one directly to the mod lounge!

  13. Thank you. I think everything is better with a drink in hand.

  14. yay! why thank you Kindly ma’am!!! Shakes Pom poms to Firds cheer!

  15. LOL good thing i didnt type that word out.

  16. There are limitations to the intelligence of the filter, not gonna lie. But we make do with the tools we’re given. 😛

  17. Indeed you did have a great comment. 🙂

  18. Maybe that should be a new Rule of Cuteness: “If your food is bigger than your head, it’s cute.” 🙂

  19. I think we have something like that… unfortunately I’m at work and can’t take the time to do the vital research… maybe when Fird shows up, she can look… 🙂

  20. Fird Birfle says:

    there is one Rule which is fairly similar…something about a dish that’s bigger than you are ….I don’t remember it precisely …

  21. baileysgrandmom says:

    But if he eats too many, he might suffer a hangover, also known as the Wrath of Grapes…