Slobberknocker Alert!

Just turn your speakers up and watch this twitchy, snoring ball of SNORF named “Google Lee.” You’re welcome.

From the YouTube files of Hsien-Hsin Lee.



  1. ROFL! Someone dubbed my husband over this video. Don’t know how they did it, but they did. And then he wakes up and is all like “What, just trying to catch some zzzzz’s.” Too funny! 😀

  2. That’s my dad when he’s asleep. Used to wake up the entire house with his stores when we were younger.

  3. twocityshibas says:

    Oh my god, I totally did this the last time I had a head cold!

  4. maybe we have the same dad. Not cute when it’s a grown man…

  5. I’m a DJ at the Stanford University radio show. Another DJ had a French Bulldog that was sort of our unofficial mascot. She would often wander into the studio when you were on the air. During one of my shows I picked her up and held her on my lap. She fell asleep, snored like that, and it could be heard during one of my mic breaks. One of my regular listeners called afterwards to ask what that snorting noise was.

  6. Photos! We must have photos!

  7. rescue gal says:

    I might need some help defining “Slobberknocker” , because my mind is going to a very bad place……..;)

  8. The Original Jane says:

    He needs a C-PAP machine, STAT!

  9. A Cuddle-PrettyAdorablePuppeh machine? I’ll volunteer to do it manually if the machine can’t be found!

  10. I believe you mean a C-PUP machine.

  11. Yep, my dad too… He always claimed he didn’t snore (although of course he knew he did), so I recorded him – with a cassette radio and a microphone… Haha! Old school.

  12. For some reason, my computer isn’t letting me watch videos anywhere except YouTube nowadays, so I searched for Google Lee on YouTube & found a couple of videos along w/a description of one which suggests Google Lee has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Can anyone confirm this?

  13. My dad too! But I’ve had my moments too: Once I was taking an afternoon couch nap, and was sleeping on my back. I started to hear this weird hummy noise, and it woke me up. I was laying there looking around the room trying to figure out what that was, then I realized it was me. Snoring. Even after I woke up. How weird is that?!

  14. Yeah, for his sleep pupnea…

  15. Sadly our mascot, Miss Piggy, has gone to that great radio station in the sky.

  16. lisaLASSIE says:

    rescue gal: my mind is there also.

  17. yeah, I also thought this doggy sounds like it has a serious case of sleep apnea. I see why people think that bull dogs and pugs are cute, but the breathing problems they get from their smushed noses is are just heartbreaking!

  18. That is sleep apnea, with an obstructive apnea followed by an arousal. Trust me. I’m a neurologist.
    Untreated sleep apnea causes damage to brain, heart, lungs.
    And definitely, no driving, dog.

  19. My father and mother both snore (to the point where you can here them in the next room), as do I (though a little more quietly). When I travel with my mother, I have to go to sleep first, or it’s not happening.

    My sister claims she doesn’t. I call lying on that, but my brother in law refuses to confirm.

  20. I’m not certain whether this is related???

    but I’ve been having a devil of the time / cannot run youtube items AT ALL
    the past ten days or so (so that might have begun Feb 1st but I didn’t really notice the first day or two) ….I thought perhaps I needed a newer appllication of Flash player and I disconnected that which was in my hard drive and installed the “newest” of it ….and STILL am unable to get action on even the music youtubes I had linked up. Running my laptop on/ in either IE 9 or, usually, Google Chrome (WHICH IS AWESOME for nearly everything in my experience so far btw) ….

  21. poah doggy 😦


  23. someone could use a breeeetheright nose strip.

  24. Look at that SMOOSH. He snores and grunts just like my Rufus. Love!!