A Day In The Life Of Jay

Jay Overload. ‘Nuff said. Christina V. picks up the narration:

“Jay the Papillon is a 15 year old (in dog years) rescue, and lives an exciting life of sleeping, eating, and Plotting World Domination. He is assisted in his daily conquests by his right-paw man, Mr. Red Bull (a 3 legged stuffed toy that became a wounded warrior…thanks to Sadie), and their sidekick, stupid Sadie! (The border collie mix….Jay calls her stupid, not us…we think of them as Pinky and the Brain.)”




































  1. mr. red bull gives you tongues!

  2. so precious!!!

  3. OMG. did cuteoverload actually do a post on an older dog? i think my brain just exploded by the idea that 99% of cuteoverload posters may NOT be fascist ageists.

  4. more pictures of Sadie, pleas!

  5. I take it the dangling tongue is a lack-of-teeth issue? I’ve seen this before in slightly older dogs where there are no teeth left to hold the tongue in the mouth. HILARIOUS! My favorite picture is the one in the meadow, with the pink flower accessorizing nicely with the pink tongue.

  6. I loff him!
    But the photo of him in his eating sock is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!! 😆 😆 😆 😆

  7. awww … he’s all “i lick you very much!” gives new life to the term “lap dog.” super cute!

  8. Cute pup, but I don’t like the tongue-hanging-out-the-side-of-the-mouth thing. It makes me so nuts I actually trained my lab to not do that. Whenever she did it as a puppeh, I would give tongue a little tap toward the middle and say “center”. Now all I have to do is say center and she straightens it out.

  9. Yes, very cute and all, but are soooo many pictures warranted for just one post ? bit of editing please!

  10. Andi in NC says:

    Loooove the eating sock – genius!!!!!

  11. NOOOOO editing, please! I loved each one…

  12. phred's mom says:

    He is cute, but after the third tongue pic,
    I scrolled faster and faster to reach the end.
    Found it got less and less appealing as it
    rolled. Sorry, but brevity, as they say, is
    the soul etc., etc.

  13. RE-LAX Calico, sheesh!

  14. Jay Thayths: “R’member to bruth your doggyths TEETHS!” XD Ounth of prevethtionsths!

    Sadly it is far more often the case that small dogs get bad teeth. Jay is awesome though and obviouthsly his people. XD

  15. If dogs have had their lower canines removed it’s very hard for them to do that. I assume you’re just refering to when your doggie’s tongue is naturally lolling?


  17. usually the case, yes.

  18. sabrina rose says:

    Me too! Jay is a doll baby, and it is fun to see a 15 year old canine enjoying his life. I think it’s a very sweet montage, and what a grand memory for the owner to have.

  19. what’s with the tongue bro??

  20. Jay is one of my favorite CO “regulars”. The eating sock is hilarious!

  21. Christina V says:

    Oh wow, Jay will be thrilled! For those asking about the tongue, Jay was found in terrible condition 5 winters ago in a rural area known for dumping unwanted pets. His mouth was rotten from years of neglect, so he has very few teeth left on his left side…so his tongue always hangs out….and I think it might be too long for his month anyway! He has a medical chart that weighs more than him, but he still enjoys life and being my little senior citizen sidekick 🙂

  22. Peeps, take a break, take a breath, smell the roses. After all, the Mongols are not chasing us, so we can enjoy life in the slow lane until they show up. 🙂

  23. I think Jay’s tongue is the real leader of this dastardly trio.

  24. He is just the cutest thing with those floppity ears! And his spirit shines all the way to Betelguese (looooong way). A kewty patootie for sure. 🙂

  25. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    The Mongols may not be chasing YOU, but it sure as heck looks like they’re chasing mmaaaaauuughghghaaaaaghghghghgh….!

  26. Tongue in cheek expressions are probably not Jay’s forte, methinks. *snark*

  27. I love the beach pictures. I wish dogs could go on the beach in Alabama. My Beau misses the Oregon coast so much. He used to love to bite the waves:)

  28. Somewhere Gene Simmons is sitting staring at the screen with his mouth open and tongue hanging out.

  29. Jay! YAY!

  30. and also *snerk*

    (but it’s an affectionate *snerk*)

  31. Come on guys, two, three pics max, we didn’t need to see the whole camera download

  32. I enjoy the Jay!

    also the beach and sun/ sunset pics are quite well-composed and good !!!
    Kudos to the piktcha-takerer!

  33. I was thinking it’s the cutest thing how his tongue is out in every picture! I’m sorry to here there’s a bit of a sad story for the cause. It’s good to see he’s in a loving home now though. ❤

  34. 😆

  35. oMg, did you just actually disguise a nuff as a harmless comment?

  36. Daiana (and The Paps) says:

    Jay (Mr. King of the universe) is the best!!!!
    Dominating the world!
    sign … his disciples Paps!

  37. hubby and I enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO of adorable Jay. More please!

  38. Hubby and I enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO of adorable Jay. This is a site dedicated to animals, expect any number of photos or just look away. More Jay please!

  39. I loff the word ‘eating sock’!!

  40. You could learn a thing or two from Jay when it comes to enjoying life.

  41. ‘WAYYYY too many pictures of Jay. Bleah.

  42. Actually, I thought the exact opposite. Loved it, loved the story, loved all of the images and I thought we need more of these wonderful series. Well done, CO!!

  43. And godalmighty, I love the hooman who cherishes a pup so much. The eating sock? Brilliant. All of the images? Brilliant. Jay? Brilliant. We should all be so loved.

  44. And bless you for caring for this sweet baby boy — and he will be a baby boy until he is 100. He deserves no less, and you are a good gal for being such a good mama! Smooch that precious boy for us, and Sadie too!!

  45. Nancy & Audret says:

    Is that the Oregon Coast Jay & Sadie?
    Has Jay entered Surfsand Resorts Dog Show on the beach in October? He is darling and shows his happiness in that precious expression.

  46. You’re right!! We don’t need the whole camera download!! We need TWO WHOLE CAMERA DOWNLOADS!!! Please allow us the joy of the occasional long format story on CO. If you don’t like it, scroll ahead.

  47. sabrina rose says:

    Yes, the “Eating Sock” is truly brilliant and should be produced by some entrepreneur on Etsy. My 12 year old poodle may soon need one. Dignified + adorable!

  48. Christina thank you for being such a great momma to Jay! He is adorable. My favorite set is him with Red Bull. Although…I could see where you see him as Brain 🙂 Does Sadie say Narf??!!

  49. Me too! Of course, I have and love Papillons so I can never get enough. Jay is so sweet he made my eyes leaky!

  50. lisaLASSIE says:

    Cheers to you for rescuting a 10 year old dog in bad shape! ❤

  51. Jay is a sweetie and you’re lucky to have him! And he’s lucky to have such a loving human to care for him. Paps are notorious for bad teeth. Despite my best efforts, they’ve all lost at least a few teeth by the time they reach their teens. Give him a little snorgle for me?

  52. I agree – prefer more variety than so many pics of one animal.

  53. Jay leads a much more exciting life than me. Cant wait until i can read the hover texts tomorrow when i am not on my ipad.

  54. Also the ears just kill me LOLOL!

  55. I think I prefer the border collie mix.

  56. lisaLASSIE says:

    So I must fear that this little old man with the skinny crooked leggies, huge tongue and winglike ears will take over the world? Thank you for the warning. I don’t believe my sleep will be disturbed tonight, however.

  57. Agreed. A little selectivity wouldn’t hurt.

  58. Jay = Yay! Love the endless photos, ESP when we often clamor for more!

  59. I’m with you there. I was like maybe 5 pics, but that was crazy. There are exceptions to the camera roll thing, though, like that Japanese lady and her cat. That was art though.

  60. I think the point was that he was a rescue pup, probably from horrific conditions (this dog reminds me of Billy from that rescue dog-puppy mill post, stuck in same rusted-shut cage for years) and he’s living la vida loca now. If it was celebrity dog (that Japanese poodle for example), I’d complain, but this is an old rescue, so cut some slack.

  61. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    What? I’m not even sure what to say about that.

  62. This from owner. I think given context the “too many photos!” is way too petty to complain about. Jay was found in terrible condition 5 winters ago in a rural area known for dumping unwanted pets. His mouth was rotten from years of neglect, so he has very few teeth left on his left side
    He has a medical chart that weighs more than him, but he still enjoys life and being my little senior citizen sidekick

  63. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Poor dog. It makes him look kind of derpy, but in his old age I suppose he’s earned the right to look however he wants 🙂

  64. I meant that quote (Jay’s backstory) is from up top (I’m not the lucky owner, just reading), oops.

  65. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    I don’t like jay all that much but I prefer him to the pomeranians. Dear god I dislike pomeranians. I didn’t think it was possible for me to dislike any kind of dog until I saw the SUPER CREEPY pomeranians that CO likes so much. *shudder*

  66. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Eh, the photos are all online. It’s not like you couldn’t provide a link to them. I understand what people are saying about editing. There are just A LOT of photos here. Just because he’s had a hard life doesn’t mean he absolutely requires a massive slideshow. But to each their own… Those who love these photos wouldn’t get enough. Others could do with some editing. I could use more bunny photos, for example.

  67. Super Cute! And obviously well loved.

  68. you musta missed the posts about the guy who takes his arthritic dog into the water

    or the idea that baby things are innately cute and this is cute overload not random animals so the chance that a thing posted will be a baby thing is innately more likely

    or cake. i get cranky when i miss out on cake, too.

  69. Aww…..super cute.

  70. So, she actually meant 15 in people years. Dog years are people years times 7, correct? (I know that’s not accurate but it’s the usual calculation when someone says “dog years.”) I was trying to figure out if Jay was 2 years one month, or what. He’s been around the sun 15 times. Got it.

  71. Team Sadie all the way!

    What a gorgeous animal. 🙂

  72. Given that CO doesn’t post long montages like Jay’s, I quite enjoyed it. The hovertexts were humourous and Jay is cute! I’m always amazed at how an abused and neglected animal can be so loving and happy when in a good home. Looks like he and Sadie are in a wonderful furever home!

  73. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    (hugs) to Jay’s momma. He looks like he is truly enjoying life & is spoiled rotten. Good on you.

  74. What a brilliant idea. Somebody should market and sell “eating socks”. How to pitch that one to the bank for start-up finance? Hmmmm……

  75. Jay is one of the cutest little things in the world!

    Boo @ the people complaining they had to spend an extra 10 seconds looking at a cute rescue pup!

  76. Jay is adorable and deserves his time in the spotlight! I loved ALL the pictures of this sweet little guy and hope to see more!

  77. How freaking funny is that eating sock?! Jay’s hooman needs to go on Shark Tank with that product. 🙂

    Words alone cannot express how much I loff Jay. I’m partial to the older goggies and definitely a big fan of rescues in general. My 13 year old toothless rescued chihuahua (whose tongue also hangs out the side of her mouf) is the light of my life so this post touches me deeply. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  78. I’ve never been called a fascist ageist before. Has a nice ring to it.

  79. My pet peeve is when a dog’s ears are inside out. It just looks so weird! I have to run over and fix their ears. When a friend finds this out, they will make sure I’m looking, and turn one dog ear inside out. Grr.

  80. Bathtime photo = my favorite

  81. I don’t understand why so many people are annoyed by seeing a ton of pictures of one dog. If I didn’t want to see that many pics, I would look at a few and be done with it. Easy for me to say though, as I could look at pictures of Jay all day long. 🙂

    I once rescued a 12 or 13 year old severely neglected dog and I managed to give him 10 months of being snuggled, cuddled, adored and spoiled rotten. I still miss my amazing little boy so much. ♥♥♥

  82. phred's mom says:

    …with envy.

  83. phred's mom says:

    Most of us knew nothing of this poor pup’s
    history until other posters filled us in. If
    we had known more about Jay, we might
    have held our tongues (no joke intended),
    and not commented about the length of
    the post. He is a sweetie, of course.
    Sorry if we offended anyone.
    *retreats into silence for a while*

  84. If liking baby things is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

  85. Blue Footed Booby says:

    On the one hand I think it’s a little silly to spend so much time and effort training a dog to not do something that’s just part of being a dog. On the other, the mental image is hilarious, and I’m seriously impressed that you managed to train him to do this (labs <3).

  86. Must..tweet..this..spread..the cute…

    I love you, Jay ❤ You are the best and the cutest little dog ever. Mr. Red Bull is lovely, too 😉

    More pictures of Sadie, please!

  87. I have a couple of older rescue cats with very few teeth, whose tongues will sometimes stick out just a tiny bit, and it just kills me with cuteness.

  88. What trixandsam said. And also, just as a gentle reminder, we who are not the posters do not make the decisions here, it is ours just to be grateful for the Cute! 🙂

  89. I loooved seeing all the photos of prosh Jay and his friends. His days are way more interesting than mine! 🙂

    MANY hugs to his human for rescuing him. The pictures were wonderful…and the hovertext was awesome as usual.

  90. No, thanks. 31 pix of a dog with food and dirt and other stuff stuck on its tongue is quite enough. Not that cute.

  91. thelittlemyrmidon says:

    Yeah, I could do without the pix with food and dirt stuck to the tongue. 31 pix are too many. We could get a sense of this with maybe 5-6 pix.

  92. thelittlemyrmidon says:

    This was supposed to go as a reply to Phred’s Mom’s comment. Don’t know how it wound up here. Sorry.

  93. I forgot to say – I love the eating sock! Truly made me lol.

  94. Hah! My childhood dog used to go around with his ears inside out all the time! I had totally forgotten until now.

  95. doing math says:

    “15 in dog years” is 2 and change, nu? But also, wow, chill out.

  96. I’m with you. Especially all the beach shots that are essentially the same. CO serves as a curator of cute from across the internet, so judicious selection is key. As someone pointed out above, a link can be provided for those who want to see every picture of Jay ever taken.

  97. They said in dog years so it’s actually about 2 years old.

  98. No. That was very annoying.

  99. . . . and feeling inadequate.

  100. Mongols? Who let them in. They weren’t cute at all.

  101. hillaryrettig356 says:

    YAY FOR JAY with his indominable spirit

    and also his wonderful rescueing family

    ps – the flower shot just about killed me

  102. Don’t be too impressed. My Madison doesn’t learn anything she doesn’t want to learn. “Center” worked because she didn’t like it when I touched her tongue. Didn’t take her long to associate the two.

  103. MrsKittyB says:

    Two thumbs up for Jay’s buddy Red Bull! I’ve got an identical beanie baby sitting on my desk. The official name’s “Snort” but I’ve been calling him El Toro Rojo (aka, the red bull lol)

  104. You’d probably love my girl. She can’t stand it when her ears are inside out.

  105. emmberrann says:

    Imagine how Jay’s tongue feels to him.

  106. LOL Blair Excellent!

  107. Okay I got to read LL THE HOVER TEXTS NOW. heHEHEHEHEH! loved them all!

  108. That tongue is SUMTHIN

    I lurve him.

  109. Wow, complaints about too many pictures. I can’t imagine how anyone would consider these pictures full of LOVE, JOY and RESCUE to be such a burden to scroll through. I love every one and they deserve every bit of space!

  110. RoadRunner says:

    I know! I almost died right here at work when I saw the eating sock. They might have found me later with a pic of Sadie in her eating sock and me dead on the floor.

  111. Me too! I want to follow him around with a water spray bottle. I would happily be his tongue spritzer-er.

  112. Ummmm, yeah, he’s cute, but over 20 pics? I don’t think any other favorite has gotten such a spread.

    Except, no, it’s not cute when that tongue is covered in food or dirt or whatever; that’s actually pretty disgusting

  113. ok, I see he’s missing teeth. my bad.

  114. cellarmouse says:

    indeed… well done, r…

  115. What’s wrong with that dog’s tongue?

  116. I loved him more with every pic. How could anyone decide which ones to edit out?!

  117. Oh sweetheart … my ears get in my food when I eat too (or is it the other way around?).

  118. Best of best wishes to Christina & Jay!!: Christina for being such a terrific ResQte Mom and Jay for being such a Wunnerfull example of Qteniss, no matter what his age;
    (This proves my theory that Loving Big Heartedness and Dorable Sweetniss have absolutely nothing to do with years accumulated and everything to do with the size of one’s heart…….!!) 😆 😆 😆
    Jay’s story cheered me up big time; and the Lord knows, today I needed it…!!!

  119. I second, third and carry that motion. Funny line between repellent and…

  120. I really feel like this way way too many pictures of the same animal. Seriously.

  121. I just saw all the hover texts…loff them!!

    Thank you for posting my Jay’s ‘day in the life’ series, he and Mr Red Bull approve, and so do I! (Sadie grumbled because she wanted me to send in more of them together) For those asking about Jay’s tongue and his age…yes he is 15 years old, sorry to confuse anyone. His tongue hangs out because he has almost no teeth on that side due to years of neglect before he lived with me. His remaining 9 teeth get brushed regularly to save them. To make a long story short…He was originally a stray found in terrible shape 5 years ago when he ran in front of my car, he had basically been left for dead in a rural area…the orthopedic surgeons believe he was thrown from a car. Nobody wanted the gross depressed little dog, and I didn’t think he would live long…so I took him home for a decent retirement. With lots of medical care and love, he blossomed into the little doggie dictator he is today! He’s outlived all the predictions from the veterinary specialists, so I take a lot of photos to capture Jay’s life so I can always remember the adventures we had together. I know he doesn’t have much longer left in life, but we will cherish what time we have left together anyway.

    Sadie is also a rescue, she’s about 3 years old and was originally a semi-feral stray with an embedded collar who was brought to my vet clinic, she was too emotionally damaged to be adopted out, so I took her home…and she turned into a wonderful companion with Jay as her 6 pound mentor. They are quite the pair, and Sadie worships the ground Jay pees on 🙂

    **and yes, we currently live on the Oregon Coast, Jay loves the beaches here…lots to drag his tongue through and pee on!!

  122. oops, no, he’s actually 15 years old…sorry for the confusion! He’s an AARP member and enjoys bingo at the local elks lodge, and yelling at pups to get off his lawn 😛

  123. yes, he was a rescued pup…probably originally a puppy mill dog as he is a genetic disaster with every health problem in the book! (by the way, I LOVE Billy’s story!) Jay was left for dead in a rural part of town in terrible condition. The shelter said to euthanize him due to his old age and many health issues, but I had a hard time explaining that to sad little Jay. That was 5 years ago, and he’s been my derpy little senior side kick every since. I don’t know how much time we have left together, but he’s enjoying his retirement and loving life! He’s my special little man, in more ways than one. 😛

  124. Thank you Dash! Jay thinks he’s pretty brilliant…and we think he is pretty loved. 😛

  125. yes it is the Oregon Coast! The Coast Guard moved us here last year, Jay really likes it so far…the beaches are quite tasty! I will look up that dog show, thanks! 😛

  126. Thanks! Mr Red Bull was the first toy he got shortly after he was rescued…it’s been his favorite toy ever since, he has to take it everywhere! Oh and I’m pretty sure Sadie says Narf 🙂

  127. Thanks for all the nice notes, Jay approves too! Jay is certainly a special little guy, in more ways than one…but I love my derpy little senior citizen side kick. He’s living proof that a “gross” little old dog that nobody wanted anymore can still have many years of love left! 🙂

  128. haha! It’s actually been suggested to me to dress Jay as Gene Simmons for halloween….

  129. no offense taken, everyone is entitled to their opinion on what they like on the site (well humans that is…Jay would say otherwise). I didn’t think they’d post almost all the pictures I sent in, but Jay certainly approves of it! He is a little rags to riches story of the “gross” little old dog that nobody wanted who became the ruler of a household, and I take lots of photos because I know his time on earth is getting shorter…so photos are a great way for me to remember all our adventures together (with his side kicks Mr Red Bull and Sadie of course!) 😛

  130. Jay says thanks! 😛

  131. Thank you my loyal followers! We dream of a world ruled by Papillons! ~Jay 😛

  132. thank you, and kudos for also rescuing an older dog and giving him a loving retirement!! I didn’t think Jay would live long with his age and the shape he was in after he was rescued, but that was 5 years ago! It’s amazing how little old dogs can paw their way into our hearts, even after just a short amount of time on earth spent together.

  133. Yup.

    But I see we’re not entitled to an opinion here.

  134. *sprays r with Nuff-B-Gone*

  135. Love the pictures……I also have a Papillon, black and white with freckles on his nose, 10-1/2 years old, who is my best funny friend. His tongue also hangs out now and then, but only a little, not as much as Jays. He still has all his teeth too……maybe it’s just a “Papillon thing?”. They are loveable playful dogs.

  136. Ana Félix Pires says:

    What a silly thing to say guys, there’s no such thing as too many pictures of Jay. He’s so beautiful and goofy looking and then you read his story and you can tell there’s so much love going on there. Arghblhpffft. Excuse me as I go squeee and babble incoherently for a bit now.

  137. For those of you that do not like all the pics, go scrole somewhere else. We LOVE the story and the fact that someone took a discarded senior dog and taught him to trust again. To have a whole and complete life the way God meant him too. Christina V. you are to be commended for your loving kindness toward anamals. I also have two Pap resques but not with such a sad story as yours. They are my reason to get up in the morning.

  138. PapillonOne says:

    ME TOO! Well said pw.

  139. I love this little dog and his little (big?) tongue!! He makes me smile every time I see his picture 😀

  140. 😛