What Do You Mean?

I AM smiling.

Now my feelings are hurt.

Brooklyn T. says, “Just a quick note to say your site is the bright spot in my day. Thank you for spreading the joy! My little guy’s name is Fellini and he is the absolute SWEETEST!” Thank you, Brooklyn, for the “sample of his squeezable face.”



  1. Look at his teef! Could use a little Invisalign.


  3. He has a white heart on his forehead!!! …sweet little face (smoooch)

  4. I’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve but this is redonkulous! I lubs his little toofies.

  5. Being a cute black and white dog is pretty much all it take to win my heart but add those little crooked teeth and I’m a puddle on the floor!

  6. He reminds me of Chaka from the original TV land of the lost.

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    I noticed it right away, too!!

  8. What a cute little heart hound!

  9. What a fetching little underbite. 😛

  10. IT SHOR IS A GUUD THING THAT CO’s readership does not consist of veterinary dentists!!!

  11. Jacqueline Hope says:

    Japanese Chin!

    Look at those teeths!

  12. Is this little guy or girl a Tibetan Spaniel?

  13. *gets out tha mop & bukkit….*

  14. I love Japanese Chins! I have one and they are such sweet dogs.

  15. He/She looks a lot like my Lhasa Apso

  16. Definitely a Japanese Chin. So cute…

  17. I am a little late to comment, Brooklyn T., that your baby is absolutely adorable! Those crookedy teeth just adds to the cuteness factor and the white heart on his forehead is clearly where kisses are to be placed!