Time To Get In The Swim Of Things!

There are some things in The Cute World that we just can’t wrap our heads around.


Thanks to Heather N. for the Send-In.



  1. I only got one thing to say: 😯 😯
    Oh wait, that’s two…

  2. Now THAT is awesome. Is there no limit to what we will go through to save our animal friends?

  3. I love how the other fishes are all, “Hey, wassup with you, dude? Looks like a new Disney ride.”

    I seriously love this fishy’s hooman.

  4. just reading “disabled goldfish” my heart skipped three beats. SHWEET!!!

  5. Me too. I wonder if they had to take him/her to a vet… are there fish vets??

  6. Dragonflye says:

    That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

  7. some vets will treat fish, but they’re very hard to find and transporting the fish to the vet alone if it’s already ill is generally enough to stress him out to near-death levels. The harness seen here is actually something a lot of people have done with fish that have swim-bladder issues. i myself tried to harness an old fishy friend of mine, but didn’t have nearly the success that this person has.

  8. Oops, I meant to leave that on another comment!

  9. Norbertsmom says:

    Oh my, that is awesome. Thanks CO I needed some happy today.

  10. Oh. My. Goodness. All the angels in Heaven are madly waving glitter-spewing pom-poms for this saintly hoomin. I think my heart just ‘sploded.

  11. What the….. how the….? Nope. Can’t wrap my head around this one.

  12. This is so amazing!!! YAY

  13. WHY?? inquiring minds want to know….

  14. Haha it’s like a little periscope on her back!!

  15. LOL! Now that is Something! I love all the other fish crowding around to check him out.

  16. All life is sacred and worth protecting/helping…even the leetle fisheeez…<3

  17. I know, right? You see it and you go…’Fish? With a….life preserver?’ It’s like trying to figure out the size of the universe. Your brain doesn’t have enough RAM to do it. Or….something.

  18. You forgot a ‘unicorn’ reference. Otherwise, you’re spot-on.

  19. Now that is out and out one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen! Luckiest fish ever!

  20. Renews my hope in humans – amazing, and as someone said, all living beings do indeed deserve a happy life and all the help we can give them. So precious!!

  21. O_o That is super neat!

  22. Oh and…. Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…just keep swimming swimming swimming….

  23. Please Brinke take pity on us poor peeps who work for mean bosses who don’t allow youtube and post a favorite frame.

  24. Yes there are fishy-vets.

    Bunnies are considered ‘exotic’ pets, so I have to go to an exotics vet. In the waiting room I see bunnies and kitties and ferrets and lizards and turtles and birdies…. And the head vet has worked with animals at the Brookfield Zoo and Shedd Aquarium. On their website they have pictures of a tumor surgery they did on a prize koi.

  25. It looks like the fish is partially paralyzed – its tail doesn’t wiggle, but it’s fore-fins do

  26. rescue gal says:

    Who is this amazing super human who loves the animals so much, right down to the little fishies? I would vote for them to rule the world. Amazing!

  27. Never mind, I followed the link and there’s a photo there.
    I must say who ever took the time to make a life preserver to help that fish swim is either a Saint or a complete wacko. And I mean both in the best possible sense!

  28. So cute and so mind-sploding! This has got to be the luckiest goldfish ever.

  29. I beleive thats a weight to keep him down. I’ve had fish with problems with their swim bladder “over inflating” as a direct consequence of being constipated. Yes, fish get constipated. Especially those cute skruched up gold fish – they still have all the innards of a regular goldfish but in a smaller space. Very lucky goldfish. And very ingenious of the owner!

  30. How lucky you are to have found such an awesome vet!!

  31. Sorry, the unicorns were on another assignment.

  32. I had one of those fancy goldfish and they are actually very sweet and he recognized me and also loved it when I would hand feed him. I got very attached to him.

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    Same, here, my visits to the exotics vet are always interesting. Ferrets, snakes, lizards, turtles, spiders… he seems to be really into birds, though. I don’t think I’ve seen fish, however. He must do them also, I imagine.

  34. I am very impressed and touched by this human compassion for the leetle goldfish…

  35. squeeeeeeee!!!

  36. Who the heck thinks of these things? This is so sweet my teeth hurt.

  37. Well that one who gets walkies is pretty lucky…

  38. SoCratesX53 says:

    Once I recovered from this awesomeness and watched again the huge buggy fishie eyeballs kilt me all over again!

  39. Awwww. What a thoughtful hoomin.

    Should have a “cute or sad” tag though.

  40. Aw, it’s heartening, when there is so much bad news about how horrible people can be, to see proof that there are still lots of wonderful, caring peeps out there! And that little fishie is so cute!

  41. wendyzski says:

    The coolest is the work she’s done with turtles with broken/crushed shells. They epoxy on those little sewing hooks to the edges of the break, and then just like braces for human teeth they run tiny wires around/between them. Over time, this can slowly pull the shell back into proper alignment.

    Here’s a link to their ‘Happy Turtles’ page 🙂

  42. A wonderful story!

  43. This. This is why, when people ask me if I eat fish (be/c I’m vegetarian), I say No.

  44. Personally it’s hard to be sad about this. Human saw the problem and worked to fix it for fishy so now he’s got the cool hardware in the tank.

  45. Ever see surgery on a fish? Amazing.

  46. Fird Birfle says:

    More profound than having the coolest rims
    on one’s vehicle on the local street, huh?

  47. This so awesome!

  48. How about ants? 😛