Prosh Arm Candy

This sweet bebbeh koala is the very definish of that which pleases merely by being seen.

“Orphaned four-month-old koala joey Squeaky is cared for at Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, New South Wales, Australia. He was found whimpering in his mother’s pouch after she was struck by a car on the Oxley Highway two weeks ago. He’s a very quiet little fella, but he’s doing OK, hospital supervisor Cheyne Flanagan said. He just clings to a little sheepskin roll that mimics his mummy.”

From the Telegraph



  1. I’m dyin’ over here. I would so hold you, little guy, all the time.

  2. tear. Such a sad story, I hope he is getting lots o’ love.

  3. Dear Australians: Stop hitting Koala mamas with your cars!!
    Love, Dash

  4. Poor Little Poppet. Hugs and Squeezes are in order. also BOOP! because that nose screams for a boop.

  5. Wahhh for mama koala. 😦 Yay for ResQte baby and his sheepskin blankie.

  6. In all fairness, they do kind of mad-dash across the roads suddenly. You wouldn’t think those little things can move so quickly on the ground, but they surprise you.

  7. Oh my gosh 😥

  8. Seriously. “he was found whimpering…” Killing me, I say, just KILLING me….

  9. PS Latin Hovertext FTW!!

  10. What a great photo! The well-worn hands holding the ickle koala are beautiful, too!

  11. My sentiments exactly, sugitomo.

    Squeaky is adorable, and at least he has good peeps helping him on his way. So sorry to hear about his mama, though.

  12. phred's mom says:

    Are they speedier than Pennsylvania
    possums? A lot of them get done in
    here on the roads.

  13. phred's mom says:

    Grannies have lots of cuddle experience,
    dontcha know.

  14. BOOP! indeed! And lots of cuddles and kisses…

  15. I thought the same thing. The koala-y is literally in good hands.

  16. Baby…koala…to…cute…I..can’t..breathe… help…

  17. Clairdelune says:

    😀 I’d love to volunteer…:-D

  18. It’s so small! Ooooh, adorable bebeh with perfectly lit earsies. *melts*

  19. (I don’t know if that loaded correctly or not; I’m having “technical difficulties on my personal computer….I was attempting to load a Roberta Flack song that is appropriate to ceejoe’s comment)

  20. Or Texas armadillos

  21. As a member of the National Committee for the Promotion of Latin, can we tweak the hovertext so it says “quod VISUM placet”? ‘cos “vissum” don’t make no sense! 🙂

  22. Oh good grief. why don’t you just link to that humane society commercial with this song and kill us for once and for all.

  23. that is just preshe. thank you for rescuing!!

  24. Hugs & kisses for Squeaky..

  25. Glad to see I’m not the only one who teared up a little at this one. Sheesh! Poor baby!!!! Doesn’t matter what it is, I can’t look at squished animals on the road. If it’s a dog or a cat, my heart breaks the entire day.

  26. Too many SUPER UPER cute posts lately! I will not be functional!