We Congrat-Choo-Late The Ravens

124bTwo Big Games on Sunday, the Supah Bowl, and the Puppeh Bowl! We’d like to congrat-choo-late the Baltimore Ravens and Marta, the MVP of the Puppeh Bowl.

[At least the PB didn’t have a power outage for over half an hour! -Ed]
Get a wrap of all the Puppeh Bowl Newz over here.

Sootball of Love® image from Jaxson S.



  1. I fell in loff with Marta so I’m really glad her talents have been recognized. My runner-up as MVP was Chestnut. That boy just grabbed hold of my heart and refused to let go.

  2. 4leafclover says:

    EEEEK!! The floof! The floof! The round black beady eye! I heart this little boid so much!! Is this what a grown-up soot sprite looks like?!

  3. I love the fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy boid!

    Side note: Puppeh Bowl was not so good for me since I found the interruptions by Animal Planet reality show persons to be distracting. 😦
    I hope they do not do that next year.
    However, the hedgehog cheerleaders were AWESOME.

  4. Oh! Marta’s little face!

  5. So Teddybear the talking porcupine called it.
    Hard to go wrong with a Theodore, I say. 😉

  6. Coffee Cup says:

    Saffron, I also hated the reality TV people. Unfortunately, Animal Planet wants to promote its content. The Discovery Channel put people’s tweets on TV during Shark Week, and a ton of people complained. I hope the networks understand people will stop watching if they make marketing a higher priority.

  7. I wonder what picture CO had ready to go in case the 49ers won . . . .

  8. 4leafclover says:

    Upon further reflection, I see that this boid’s lash line is bedazzled!! @$#@Q$!!!

  9. Totally! 🙂

  10. I was rooting for Marta myself. She’s small but scrappy! I hope all of the participating puppehs find their forever homes, along with their shelter mates.

    And I’m with the people below who found the celebrity commentary annoying. In my opinion, the comments did not add anything to the spectacle on the field.

  11. I was about to say…I was watching it going, I don’t remember this from last year! But then again, perhaps I was distracted by all the cuteness last year.
    So in loff with Marta’s scrappiness. Although, my fave was the pup who was biting on the other’s tail….I chortled at that one.

  12. Baby raven is sooo fluffy and cuddly – unreal!

  13. Oh U can see it. Check our Twitter feed for the very first Tweet O’ The Day yesterday. It was gonna be that one. The one with all the pugs. Sigh, it was not meant to beeeee..


  14. Yep 😀

  15. Check out the original entry for the many comments pointing out this is not a raven. We need a baby raven to celebrate the Ravens, no matter how fluffy and sweet this and oh the eyes…nm, what was I saying?

  16. Yes, they should just stick with the tailgaters in the barking lot.

    I’d like to see them have some alumni pups back with special seats for the game. 🙂

  17. *giggles*

  18. pupfanatic says:

    Ah, I felt bad that I was annoyed by the “reality” interludes, too. But the whole rest of it: heart-stealingly painful as usual. And what killed me even more? The names: Chestnut, Butterscotch, Biscuit…kill me now.

  19. Ummm… that’s not a raven 😉 It’s some kind of rail or moorhen.