The Two Most Important Words To A Cat Are…

“Feed Me.”



  1. Food and NOW! LOL! This is killing me.

  2. Also according to My Kitties you must feed them FIRST! And everyone else Later!

  3. Oh heck, yes! I’m usually up for an hour serving my masters before I get to my own coffee.

  4. Yes, mine insist on being fed around 7:00 every morning. The interesting this is they already have access to dry food. I think they’re trying to make sure I still intend to feed them and cater to their every whim every morning. I’ve never let them down.

  5. Deja vu! This was my kitties and me this morning.

  6. I love it when my cat climbs on my back and falls asleep

  7. same in our house

  8. My cats would not stop eating when they came to my scalp. I sleep in a helmet for that very reason.

  9. Same here, only my evil overlord usually waits until I’m at least sitting up before she starts meowing like crazy.

  10. Oh, sigh.
    Such is life with a cat.
    For some reason one of mine occasionally feels extra desperate and can’t wait until the morning and does that plucking at the covers thing, and when that fails to get a reaction, will jump from one side of the bed to the other, using my back as a spring board. And then he chews on my hair. But I must not give in! No negotiation with purrorists (furorists? furrierists?)!

  11. GIGGLE 😆 Typical kitty 😆

  12. SlaveToCat says:

    Whatever it takes to make the kitty purr.

  13. SlaveToCat says:

    Anyone see Fird Birfle around lately??
    Maybe hiding out in the mod lounge or someplace?
    Do we need to send out a Saint Bernard or K9 unit

  14. Serves Simon right, how dare he make kitty wait for his food! 😆

  15. She said last week that she had family visiting, so she might just be doing the hostess bit…

  16. Yup. That’s a cat!

  17. Actually, after all that, mine are just as likely to sniff it and walk away with their noses in the air.

  18. Louise Dubrule says:

    Honestly, he’s met my cat!

  19. 😯

    Now THIS is selflessness.

  20. hi! *waves*

    ceejoe’s got it!! Siblings in town from both New Mexico AND from Joizey!!!

    I’m just checkin’ over a few things tonight. CO/ emails, etc. Thx for asking and I hope y’all are havin’ a wonderful coupla days!


  21. I.K; R ?? 🙂

  22. This is why the kitties get fed at night– i got tired of the 5 am wakeup!!!

  23. Lilac goes from side to side but makes sure one foot lands on you each time she crosses over.

  24. Well played, Simon’s Cat.

  25. I get that, times four! And breakfast is at six a.m., thank you very much! And we don’t care what time you went to bed, Mom!

    (Don’t remember if I shared this months ago, but we inherited Lily and James when their original mum died last October. And, no, oddly enough they’re *not* named after the Harry Potter characters; they had those names when she got them!)

  26. I actually have my cat trained to sit on a certain step to get fed in the morning. She is also trained not to bug me when I am sleeping. When she does that, she has to sleep in her kennel for a few nites.