Always Dreamed of a Career in Cuteology?

But don’t have the time to study? (shhh, wink, wink) Now getting your Cuteologist Degree is simple, thanks to CO’s fully accredited 3-step Cuteologist Program!
Step 1. Earn your Associate Degree in “Anh!” now!

Step 2. Earn your Bachelor’s Degree in “Squee!” now!

Step 3. Earn your Master’s Degree in “Asplode!” now!

Congratulations! We guarantee your hard work will be rewarded! And you can add some extra letters after your name.
Brittany Spaniel pups via Pinterest, cup o’ cute via Buzzfeed, Kitty by Josh N.’s Joshograph, (there’s still time to vote)!



  1. I can’t apply to study right now. I asploded in the last post at the sight of the raven chick. Do you accept late applicants with their heads covered in “Hello Kitty” duct tape?

  2. I think I have a PHD in puppy head dome now.

  3. *oof*

  4. 260Oakley says:

    I’m proud to say I got my pundergradutate degree from UCO.

  5. Is it wrong that I want to leeck the heads of those puppehs? Holy crap! *thud*

  6. Where do I sign?! (What kind of puppy was that)?

  7. Summa Cum Loudly!

  8. Oh Mod Lounge, how I do miss thee.
    Hoisted by my own petard etc. 🙄

  9. And a fine college it is, too, ma’am.

  10. can I major in ear-nomming or is it purely extracurricular?

  11. ahh there is nothing like cute in the Morning!

  12. Word.

  13. I concur.

  14. I’ll thank you not to refer to Princeton that way. 😛

  15. Well, what did you expect? You know what you did, so don’t deny it. Now go sit in a corner and memorize your trigger words. Or forget them. Or just quit thinking about them.

  16. heh heh…

  17. My Favorite is still the vegetable that shall remain nameless and the ever popular always tricky P word that no one would ever suspect is a bad word…. and trips people up all the time.. Okay maybe just me but still … really? 😀

  18. Mastering in Kitten-Cute-ology of course requires PhD level coursework.

  19. Don’t all of the applicants look like that?

  20. Oh, I so want to cuddle and kiss that sweet little kitty 😀

  21. Oooh! The little squirrel is a familiar face! (fix teh attribute plz?) 🙂

  22. err….fix the attribute for this post since it’s correct in the other one

  23. One sardini, please.

  24. I’m sorry, I didn’t see anything past the puppies. I squee’d so hard I passed out and had to be revived with smelling salts.

  25. peteysmom says:

    I needs to know what kind of puppeh they are. Someday…when I am dogless…

  26. Oh Kitteh! How I love thee protruding tongue, thy beautiful blue eyes, the faint orange patches and the stray piece-o-string caught in thy clawsies!

  27. Brittany Spaniels (it’s in the credits at the end of the post). Though my first guess was Cavaliers based on the coloring and the perfect roundulence of the muzzlepouche..

  28. Did someone brush those little cuties before the pic or is their fur always perfectly aligned?

  29. when will you do that, Th ?

  30. *makes out posters for the Brittany Spaniels*

    YAY BRITTANY SPANIELS!!!! GO, Brittany Spaniels GO !!!!

    I was raised by Skipper (a — SURPRISE!!! — BRITTANY SPANEL!!!)

  31. I wondered the same thing. SOOOOOOOO silkeh …..

  32. If anyone is interested in the white floofball, here are her sisters:

  33. pupfanatic says:

    If I got a cuteologist degree, after seeing that first pic, the only letters I would receive after my name would be: &*&^!@@$%^^

  34. pupfanatic says:

    If it’s wrong, we don’t wanna be right. (Uh, may I speak for you?)

  35. pupfanatic says:

    So then you would be Tracylee EN. If you complete your dogtirate, that is.

  36. pupfanatic says:

    roundulence! muzzlepouche!! I warning you now, allein; word thievery is impending.

  37. When you come here every day, you just can’t help picking up the lingo.

  38. I was ded at the puppehs.