Puppy Bowl IX: Game On

The Biggest Game On All Fours Is Back! Puppy Bowl IX. Kickoff is 3pm ET/PT on Animal Planet.

[As they say, check your local listings. -Ed]

Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Animal Planet
Photos : Animal Planet/Keith Barraclough.



  1. I’m all about the bissell half-time show. Kittens and confetti, what could be more fun?

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    There appears to be some…intimate sniffing taking place in the top right corner of the second pic. Where’s the referee when he’s wanted?

  3. It is the only football game I care about

  4. woo HOO !!!!

  5. Jen Smith says:

    Where are the hedgehog cheerleader pictures? My hedgehog Valkyrie is one of them! *proud mama*

  6. Kitteh bonanza! Made me LOL. 😀

  7. If there’s a more joyful thing than a mess of squirmy puppehs rompin’ and stompin’, I’ve yet to see it.

    This is, in fact, THE game in my house on Superbowl Sunday. 🙂

  8. Alice Shortcake says:

    I can’t wait to see the hedgehog cheerleaders! I suppose flirty skirts and pompoms would be too much to ask for but i live in hope…

  9. Well, one of the hedgies has on a pink tutu, does that count?

  10. Talk about your overstimulation tho… oy

  11. I would of helped the kitties out with their half-time show 😀

  12. You know its a winner when they can get real advertisers.

  13. Sigh stuck waiting till they post this after the game.

  14. Yes,
    The cheeleaders! The cheerleaders!

  15. oh, also the commodores of the blimp!

  16. pilots