No Poop For You!


Michelle M. rescued this Bassett-Shar-pei mix, who loves to eat bunny poop.


  1. Michelle uses “Dog Shaming”; it has no effect!

  2. That face is priceless, hahaha!!

  3. To answer the hover-text, coprophagia = sad and a little bit disgusting but that face says pupster doesn’t care what we think.

  4. sad if it’s an indicator of malnutrition – gee-ross if it’s just for the heck of it like a certain long-nosed dog who-shall-remain-nameless when she finds deposits left by the feral cat in the neighborhood (*barf*)

  5. Our Riley used to love the park in winter so he could eat seagull turd. Frozen Poo Snacks. He couldn’t get enough!

  6. yeah, while sometimes poopie-consumption is due to a lack of stuff, it’s just as often a fact that… our animal friends will eat just about anything. ;)

  7. “Say it loud, I’m coprophragic and I’m proud.” :P

  8. LOL! ;) I know my rodent buddies would chant that, given the chance. :D

  9. Should we make signs?? Bumper stickers??

  10. That would make a most hysterical bumper sticker …

  11. He looks rather proud of his accomplishments. When you rescue an animal, you never know just what you’re getting. In my opinion, it’s the only way to fly but yeah, there can be some behavioral problems to overcome (eating bunneh poop seems harmless enough to me though). :)

  12. What?! It’s like Tic-Tacs for dogs.

  13. My dogs keep telling me that but still … GAH!! And yes, I still kiss ’em all over their faces. Poop eaters or not.

  14. My dog sometimes likes to eat my bunny’s poop.

  15. laughing so hard, I can barely breathe! The pupper’s face is priceless and your comments are great too, peeps.

  16. I’d love to see what this dog looks like right-side-up: what a great combination of breeds! And bunny poop is nothing compared to cat or, our Vizslas’ fave winter treat, poopsicles (of their own making!)

  17. Vizslas are just bonkers.

  18. Every one I’ve met has been adorably bonkers. XD So, I totally agree. XD

  19. i’m guessing he never looks like he’s not lying down

  20. misschelley says:

    much better than eating the BUNNY!!

  21. SlaveToCat says:

    Organic bunny poooop is probably healthier than some of the canned dog foods I’ve had the pleasure of opening up. Twinkees, I need twinkees, and a side of Hostess apple pies.

  22. Judging from the wackadoodle expression on that face, methinks this doggie isn’t feeling shamed at all!

  23. When I saw that wackadoodle expression I heard Curly from The Three Stooges goin:

  24. I just smiled and vomited a little in my mouth at the same time!

  25. Alice Shortcake says:


  26. Alice Shortcake says:



    *although cat poop probably has the same effect

  27. I was going to say, “I’ll have what he’s having.”

    Then I thought better of it.

  28. Best. Face. Ever. :D

  29. phred's mom says:

    Looks like there’s a CDS in the BP.

  30. musicfoodbeerbikes says:

    We refer to them as “lawn raisins” around here….

  31. “lawn raisins”….love it!

  32. Now that’s a [bleep]-eating grin.

  33. WIN!!! :lol:

  34. LOL!

  35. Lit’rally.

  36. Um, that expression sorta creeeps me out…

  37. Whatever you do, don’t look at Upside Down dogs, then.

  38. tommygirl says:


  39. So gloriously unashamed!!! I love CO, and I love Dog Shaming .com!!!
    (and btw, my parents’ maltese/papillon cross likes to go around the backyard hoovering up bunny pellets, too. no idea why, but it makes her happy. ick. certainly less-objectionable than cat poo, tho.)

  40. mod lounge! hope there’s something other than bunny poo in here…

  41. You said the p word didnt you! ROFL!

  42. Er mah gerd. 8O

  43. Ya mean Er Mah Turd, don’t ya?! ;-)

  44. ROFL! You guys just made my MONTH! XD

  45. anonymous coward says:

    the “shaming thing” clearly didn’t work with this pup.
    he looks so pleased with himself, another way to cure him from this bad habit must be investigated pronto!

    …but what a face! :-)

  46. How is it shaming if they feel no shame?

  47. Exactly, it’s us acknowledging that we do it to ourselves while we enjoy the silliness of our doggies. ;) It is compounded by the fact that dogs do the “guilty-look” thing SO well.

  48. knittybun says:

    He can come visit me any time he likes. We have an all-he-can-eat buffet. All day, every day!

  49. My mum says it looks like John Travolta.

    But I argued that with the paper, it’d probably be Richard Gere…

  50. Oh Dog Shaming… how I love you. ;)

  51. It looks more like he’s been smoking the poop rather than eating it.

  52. Joy Raskin says:

    Now, that is one seriously weird expression. Not sure what to make of it but weird. Hope the dog is enjoying his new home and bunny poops occasionally.

  53. ROFL – what a face ;-) Eating the poop of other species – while gross to our human sensibilities – is common for canines. My friend has a sweet 10 year old Rottie who used to ‘clean up’ for her backyard chicken flock :-P

  54. Scooby Snacks says:

    Every dog I’ve had has loved eating “cocoa puffs” from our pet rabbits. Gross? Yes. Helps with the vacuuming? Yes! And as poop goes, bunny poop is about the nicest I can imagine.

  55. I hate it, too, but they really are just Veggie Poppers.

  56. Really ?


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