Meanwhile, at the Quacker Bowl…

“Now, team, I know it was a rough first half, but don’t get discouraged! I’m sure plenty of teams that came back to win after being down 84 to 3!”

Kelsey L. writes: “I took these photos myself, and I feel it was a once in a lifetime photo op. They even let me chase them around all over the park, and I pet a few of them. SO ADORABLE! it’s almost painful, wouldn’t you say?”



  1. OhmystinkinGOSH, I need an EXTRY-DUCKLING-STRENGTH defribrimajiggerator!!

  2. Awww, there’s always next year….

  3. rescue gal says:

    So much fluff!! But why chase them?? Must scared the you-know-what outta them.

  4. RescueGal i believe she meant follow them around taking photos not chase as in run after. We are all cutologists here and none of us would ever do anything to hurt any creature. At least that is what i have learned over the years of commenting here.

  5. As a non football watcher, hearing about it getting old for me, but Some of them Let you PET Them?????? Wow. that’s a game changer for shure!!

  6. Stephanie says:

    OMG so painful! The cuteness hurts.

  7. Lady Rune says:

    My baby self that tried to take a duck egg so I could raise it myself is incredibly jealous of the pettings! So not fair!

  8. Mama has so many, she won’t miss a few. *stuffs a few ducklings into my grocery bag*

  9. Beautiful picture taken… Always luv to see mama and her babies… Warms my heart!

  10. Reminds me of this comic:

    Dromiceiomimus: What? You LOST the baby pterodactyl you were sitting? You LOST a BABY? T-Rex! THIS IS A MUCH BIGGER DEAL THAN YOU THINK IT IS!

    T-Rex: But – she can have more, right? She won’t mind if one goes missing, right?

  11. I like the little dark one in the back.

  12. Must be the black cheep of the family.

  13. sabrina rose says:

    Ha ha tee hee hee – that’s a good one! I never think of hilarious remarks like that!

  14. It’s Daffy!

  15. i wouldn’t pet them in the future… the mama may reject them if you get your human stink on them. 😮 hard to resist because they are sooooo cute!!

  16. How on EARTH did that duck fit in all those eggs?!!

  17. peteysmom says:

    I counted them. Seventeen! A miracle!

  18. This is actually a myth – mama cannot smell – most birds have a very poor sense of smell – so it is OKAY to put a fallen bird back in the nest if you can do so safely. Anyway, you still shouldn’t attempt to pet wild animals or get them accustomed to people in a way that would cause them to behave in ways that are unnatural. Anyway I’ll step off my wilflife educator podium and say that those lil’ duckies are suuuuuper cute, but I would too avoid trying to touch wildlife.

  19. I would not pet them…I would pop them in my mouf PRONTO!
    They are so quacktacular.

  20. I don’t usually either. 260Oakley is my hero. 😛

  21. And thanks 🙂

  22. “Fallen” birds often aren’t really fallen, they’re just learning to fly.

  23. *LOL* I didn’t even think of that. That is an incredible amount of ducklings.

    And I do so love ducklings! They are some of the most adorablest creatures on God’s green earth to me.

  24. I agree with Jen. But if you ever find a baby bird on the ground, you should first make sure its actually ‘fallen’. If its eyes are open, it has feathers, and looks relatively alert, it is probably just learning to fly (fledging) and should be left where it is; its parents will find it and feed it. If its eyes are shut, it doesn’t have any feathers (or very short, spiky feathers), and it looks weak and doesn’t move much, it might have fallen from its nest. If you can find the nest nearby,you can put it back in. If you can’t, call a wildlife rehabilitator. 😉

  25. “it’s almost painful, wouldn’t you say?”

    I would, I would indeed.