Jake & Roo: Size Does Not Matter

You just gonna sit there and take that, Big Guy?

“Our 60 pound rescue lets our 6 pound Chihuahua steal his bed and his bone.” -Elin S.



  1. Our 110 pound Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is terrified of small animals. When he was a puppy he got pecked on the nose by a baby song sparrow and has been very leery of anything small or with feathers. Baby song sparrow was removed from the back yard for safety.

  2. *snicker*

  3. I prefer to think he is not frightened….he is just polite.

  4. I don’t think the big dog is scared I think he’s confused as to exactly what that furry little thing that yaps at him is. 😉

  5. My parents’ 100+ pound golden retriever was so scared of my 4 pound chihuahua that he would skirt the perimeter of the room – behind the couch and chairs – to avoid walking past her. She, in turn, would flirt mercilessly with him because she just adores enormous fluffy dogs. It was really a sight to behold. 🙂

  6. I agree, Mikeyfur…what a polite and generous doggie! 🙂

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    So harsh, to call the big dog “scared”. He’s just very good at sharing with his little friend!

  8. Who can blame him? Have you seen one of those Napoleon-complex riddled chihuahuas?

  9. Being a rescue doggie, he is probably SO grateful to be in a good loving home, that he’s willing to put up with it. 🙂

  10. pecked by a BABY SPARROW???? Come on.

  11. I’m sure it was! bwahahahahaha!

  12. I don’t blame him. Some of those tiny perros make up for their lack of size with sheer belligerance.

  13. About to say Yea for rescues!!!

  14. We’re owned by one.

    They might be worse than cats…

  15. Might depend on who was there first. Our St. Bernard was always cowed by my grandmother’s Pekingese — in the Peke’s house. Partly because she bit him on the nose the first time they met, but I think partly because it was her territory. Alphas, betas — they are all the same species regardless of size, and the Chihuahua may be higher ranking based on seniority.

  16. Or he just loves the little guy so much he indulges the tyrant. That’s how it happens with my dogs!