Wanna “Like” Me?

C’mon…you know you want to. I even have my own FB shirt! [There’s a reason for that! -Ed]



  1. Oh, my.


  2. And, ooh, I got the first comment!

  3. Oh, that’s just *ludicrous*.

  4. He looks sad. I should cuddle him.

  5. If the owner is as in*sufferable in real life as she is on her blog, that dog has every reason to be sad. When she was getting divorced, the blog ownership and/or money she was making from it was a huge part of the dispute.

  6. That’s a different owner and puppy you’re thinking of.

    This is Boo. Sammy was involved in the divorce.

  7. Puppeh doesn’t look happy to wear that shirt. I’d be locking up my shoes in a safe place if I was his owner.

  8. I love pomeranians.

  9. Faceboo!


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