Showtime, Punxsutawney Phil!

03-15-07_more-winter-on-the-way_originalIt’s precisely 7:00am ET at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania– home of The Royal Exalted Chubbular One, AKA Punxsutawney Phil. Is it six more weeks of winter, or is spring right around the corner? Let’s go to the live video! Phil’s appearance is scheduled for 7:20am ET.

Here’s Phil’s FB and Twitter.

Dateline, Punxsutawney PA. Phil did NOT see his shadow, so it’s an early spring! Break out the Coppertone! (But not in Gobbler’s Knob- it’s 11 degrees! Go back to bed, Phil!) PS- AMC is running Groundhog Day all day 2day, just sayin’.





  1. I hope Ontario’s Wiarton Willie and Nova Scocia’s Shubenacadie Sam agree with Phill, I could really go for an early spring!

  2. Groundhogs are so cute, but I would also like to gush over how fantastic the movie is, and how sad it makes me every year when NO channels on tv are playing it over and over again! Anyone agree??

  3. I agree! On Christmas, one station plays A Christmas Story (which is AWESOME) on a loop all day, so why not Groundhog Day on G-Hog day????

  4. I have a DVD collection of movies that I watch on specific dates, Groundhog Day of course for Feb.2nd , Die Hard is my Christmas movie, V for Vendetta on November 5th, Much ado about nothing on February 14th, etc.

  5. Update: Wiarton Willie didn’t see his shadow, so that two for an early spring!

  6. Since Groundhog Day was originally Hedgehog Day in the UK, my hedgie girls made their own prediction this morning. They looked up at me, huffed an “early spring” then headed back to bed because it was too “late” for them to be up. 🙂

    So looking forward to warm weather again!

  7. I just love that first video still where Phil is all with his tiny fist balled up like “Whatchoo looking at?! You want a piece of this?! HUH?! Do you?!”

  8. What a great story! Please give them kisses on my behalf. I love hedges very much.

  9. I wan’t aware they did the Groundhog thing anywhere but here. Guess I need to study up 🙂

  10. The groundhogs here on the coast of northern california will not be seeing their shadow today.

  11. AMC is playing it all day 2day!

  12. Don’t forget Staten Island Chuck (a hero to millions for biting Mayor Bloomberg!) did not see his shadow either! So we have GROUNDHOG CONSENSUS, people!

  13. WHAT, Mod lounge again? Twice in two days? I’m losing my touch. Barkeep, a pint of your best bitter!

  14. Well, as I’ve tried to say, our local hog nipped the mayor when he got a little too handsy. So definitely, don’t mess with teh hogses.

  15. PS, it’s 28F here, so you know, bikini weather!

  16. You are my hero for telling me that!!! I’ve seriously been pushing for this for years and they’ve finally answered my prayers!!

  17. My family’s Jewish, so we just hung around the house on Christmas cause everything was closed and none of our friends could do anything. I would watch “A Christmas Story” ALL day (on TBS, that’s the station that does it), and they would get so mad at me, haha.

  18. Groundhog Day is my alltime favorite movie!! Bill Murray is awesome in that, just perfection.

  19. So the aliens come to down, they ask us about Earth weather patterns, and we bring them to Groundhog Day celebrations with Punxsutawaney Phil. They get back in their spaceship and take off FAST. Humans are weird. 🙂

  20. It is definitely a no shadow day here on the west coast of northern california so i say definitely an early spring…. Also can we now discuss the boop a bility of ground hog noses because OMG SOOOOO……..CUTE!!!!!!!

  21. Um, I don’t see a comment on this yet, but when I played the video of (supposedly) today’s ceremony, they mentioned (while reading the scroll) that it was 2011 and the Steelers were going to the Super Bowl. Did we get the wrong video?

  22. You’re right. It does say that, but the video is labeled for 2013. Odd.

  23. Yeah don’t get it, it had the ABC News logo on it too. S’OK, I swapped it out 4 the HATCAM video!

  24. Uhmm, I noticed that too…..CO??? What’s the deal?