Fetching Fashion

Not to be left out, pups are taking the runway by storm!

Buzzy spotted these Couture Canines on The Frisky. Turns out they are the subject of a new book by Paul Nathan called Couture Dogs of New York. Where else but The Big Apple?

Get all the gossip from the Fashionista interview with Mr. Nathan, including who had sex on set!



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Those poor dogs. Really, a little sweater is probably plenty. Maybe little booties if there’s snow on the ground.

  2. kibblenibble says:

    Fancy! These guys look pretty used to playing dress up. I really like #3 and #6, though I don’t understand them. I never did get the couture stuff. 🙂

  3. Ewh. Great doggies but I have little respect for this sort of thing on humans so… we can just chalk it up to, “Meh, I don’t get it; I don’t really want to get it.”

    As always, the doggies are luvies, despite the silliness of the humans involved.

  4. This photo display is really a great testament to the lurve of these goggies for their huumins; only pets with such tender affection would allow their owners to poke, prod, squeeze and stuff them into their costumes; and then make them sit & wait endlessly while they snap just the right picture…..!!! 🙄 WUT SWEETIES!!! 😆

  5. I also vote for anti-cute, yet ah, the inconsistencies of humans: I skwee’d at Shetland ponies in Shetland sweaters.
    This gives me the slow burn, thinking of all the literally wasted time, money and effort poured into pet or human pageantry that could have been spent wisely and well on, say, human literacy. And like the old argument about eroticka vs.pron: a feather is cute; a whole chicken ain’t.
    Mebbe it’s the -20’C talking, or mebbe I *do* need a Modlounge timeout, if the carpet slippers, Landseer footstools, brandy snifters, ragdoll lapcats and blond brownies are ready. . .

  6. *high-five*

  7. *fist bump*
    Pull up a pony, put your feet up on a shaggy Newf. and set a spell. Lounge brownie?

  8. If there’s Newfie ottomans, I’m on board!

  9. Graciously waves the hand not occupied with said brandy snifter from an overstuffed armchair in front of the fire, avec Landseer footstool/slash/brownie balancer: ‘[drool-free] Newfie ottomans for all!’

  10. So where are the Weimerauners and the Olde Englishe Sheepedogues??
    Ce sont tout les chiens petits….

  11. Make it work, doggehs!