Got Valentine’s Day Pix?

pretty-valentine-dogYou have a super adorabuhl shot of your kitteh, puppeh, finch, or even OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!! in some type of Valentine pose? Maybe two of ’em cuddled togethers, or wearin’ a red sweateuw?

Click on submish details, and shoot ’em on over! ‘Member, JPEGS please, no video files! (Upload to The YouTube and sending a link works nicely.)

Send ASAP ’cause we’re gonna have 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day comin’ your way, just 13 days from now!

Pony shot by Mr. McDougall, of course.



  1. *GASP*

    *clutches pearls*

    A TOTALLY GRATUITOUS photo of Ponies wearin’ SWEATAHS, intended to get more page views??????

    HOW SHOCKING [not to menshon lurvely] !!! 😯

  2. (ps: haz ennybuddy uvver than me, noticed les clouds and le/ la sunset/ sunrise?? Esta muy pretty, as well, no???)

  3. Everybody wears a sweatah when they’re in wuv.

  4. EMO PONY!!11!Q!

  5. I’m very tired of those ponies. They weren’t that cute the first time, and every photo of them looks the same.