Puppeh Bowl IX- This Sunday!

There’s some big ol’ Football Game on Sunday. Been in all da papes.

No, not this one. We’re talkin’ Puppy Bowl IX– New And Improved This Year, featuring…ready? Hedgehog Cheerleaders. In-Game tweets by Meep The Bird. (Geddit?)


Important stuff from the Animal Planet press release: “All of the animals featured in Puppy Bowl IX come from shelters and rescue organizations across the United States and even Puerto Rico.”


“This year’s starting lineup includes puppies from Wayside Waifs Animal Rescue (Missouri), spcaLA (California),”


“…Tails of Love Animal Rescue (New York), Pitter Patter Animal Rescue (Wisconsin)…”


“…and Big Fluffy Dog Rescue (Massachusetts).”


“Viewers who are interested in adopting a pet in their area should visit Petfinder.com, which has helped more than 20 million pets find their fur-ever homes.”



Photos by Animal Planet.


  1. Help, I’m melllttiiiiiiinnngg! The Puppeh Bowl is a much awaited event in my house every year but the best part, the very best part is this: “All of the animals featured in Puppeh Bowl IX come from shelters and rescue organizations across the United States and even Puerto Rico.” And hedgie cheerleaders??? Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than this. Also, where do I sign up to be referee for this thing next year?! :)

  2. I love the supposedly pained expression of the referee as he is “savagagely” attacked by pups! BTW the way, Fird hasn’t left a comment in the past several posts. As a long-time lurker, I have always enjoyed reading her comments!

  3. *friendly wave*

    Hi amyliz!!! I gotta bit of local activity happ’nin’ this week … one sibling from New Mexico and another from Joizey are headed here (NE Fla) to visit our mom
    (she’s 82 presently) for this next several days …so I might not be hovering around CO as much, for several days… but I thank you for askin’ :)
    Enjoy the Puppy Bowl and hedgehog cheerleaders this weekend!!! :)

    Peace and stuff :)

  4. *ahem*

    o Mighty Moderatorz??
    I’m FAIRLY convinced that there isn’t any illegal content in my reply above,
    to amyliz……Kin a gal git released from tha Brink, so’s amyliz will see the reply??

    Your Obedient Servant.

  5. Alice Shortcake says:

    Hedgehog cheerleaders?

    *sinks to the floor, grips head between knees, takes deep breaths*

  6. *copies Alice’s survival tactics*

  7. But – But – I don’t have cable, how can I watch!?
    *melts into a puddle of absolute despair*

  8. I know – I feel the same way. Have never seen puppy bowl!! I am deprived. At least I can see pics.

  9. There are two puddles of despair because I don’t have cable, either..dwonright uncivilized, I know.

  10. If An Plan doesn’t have a live, current video streaming on the WWW, I think you can watch the videos from last year, there (WWW). Hopefully that will keep you alive until the new videos come available.

  11. Me neither, and this is one of the few times each year I regret it… (hardly ever watch tv, so it’s just not a worthy expense for me)

    And like Rachael said above, YaY for Rescues!

  12. Meanwhile, in the pawlitical arena:lol:

  13. 260Oakley says:

    Typical bone-headed Repuplican party behavior. Where are the Democats?

  14. North Corgia? *groan*

    for the record, I’m a Liberterrieran

  15. “Following the busy day of negotiations and an exciting ride in the presidential motorcade…”

    Did they all have their heads hanging out the windows??

    “Though there was one instance when bilateral talks were disrupted by a ringing doorbell…”

    And I’d pay money to see that, right there!

  16. No filibuster tactics here; however, the minority party does tend to shout “SQUIRREL!” frequently to disrupt unfavorable negotiations.

  17. Guys, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is in Tennessee, not Massachusetts.

  18. Um, anyone know where the application to be a referee for this can be found? I’ll make all sorts of bad calls if it means being doggie piled!

  19. Each year Animal Planet ups their game (pun intended) and the Puppy Bowl gets better. What will they think of for next year?

  20. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

  21. Can I please attacked by puppies? Please please please please please… ad infinitum…

  22. I remember when they tried bunny cheerleaders.
    They disapproved.

  23. haw!

  24. “Aurora” is from my city and she’s now a celebrity here. She has been adopted and her name is Shiloh.

  25. Shiloh is my sister’s name lol

  26. I think they need to do a “Where are they now?” on some previous players. :)

  27. Fird Birfle says:

    oooooo wot a GREAT idea THAT is :)

  28. I second that :D

  29. I third it. What a great idea.

  30. Ruffing the ref….

  31. AWW :D I just LOVE watching the kittens play football :D Makes me want to referee those kitties which would be picking each one up and giving them cuddles one by one :D

  32. WHY have I never been attacked by puppehs??? It’s just not FAIR!! *pouts*

  33. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, my Broncos aren’t in the game (they almost made it. Dang) so I don’t really care which team who DID make it wins. But I guess I’ll go for the Ravens because:
    1. Maryland is the state I was born in. Not the city of Baltimore, but Maryland.
    2. I love ravens. (I mean the birds. I love the way they look and sound.) And the whole Edgar Allan Poe and Ravens/Baltimore theme is cool.
    3. I like the color purple.


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