Friday Haiku: Just Keep Swimming

Delicate Sea Horse
Floating In the Quiet Sea
Looking for some Lunch

From the Pixdaus Facebook page.



  1. bob drummond says:

    that’s one beautiful shot !!! Nice choice Brinke !!!

  2. Ahhh …

  3. Gender roles reversed
    How great that the males give birth
    Now try breastfeeding

  4. The hippocampus
    Is hip AND camp (pregnant dads),
    You see, hors de combat.

  5. ‘neath the sea of green
    A lone sentry guards the pier
    Watching and waiting

  6. sea horse is a horse
    of course, of course, but are the
    babies called sea foals?

  7. This pleases me. 🙂

  8. Nice one.

  9. I had my first lesson in false advertising when I saw my first sea horse at the aquarium as a child. You see all the cartoons and the children books showed that you could ride them but in reality they are too small. I was so disappointed: lol:

  10. gives Gigi the *even more charmingly naive than I* Prize.

    (my deal was believing that there *are indeed* (winky-winky) “eight days a week” and then not-quite comprehending monthly calendars/ dates/ etc for a few years until I decided that perhaps the song’s lyrics *might have been * written in whimsy …

  11. Bean-eating sea horse
    Turns undersea corral green
    With natural gas

  12. Lol!

  13. 260Oakley
    Channels the sense of humor
    Of an 8 year old

  14. Dejected little sea horse
    Alone in the quiet green
    Seeks solace

  15. CO commenters
    love 260O’s 8 year
    old sense of humor!

  16. legumes in lagoon
    renewable resources
    for a green pea sea

  17. Our CO readers
    Come for the cute overdose
    And a few fart jokes.

  18. Fliting, Floating
    Twisting Turning
    Gently rocking in a
    perfect sea of
    emerald green

  19. How very “PC” indeed.

  20. as long as it’s not green pee

  21. Hehe. You said “fart”.

  22. tommygirl says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  23. I vote for this one!

  24. verr’ verr nahce, Mme KA 🙂

  25. What a gorgeously peaceful picture!

  26. bob drummond says:

    I’ll see you in the Mod Lounge for that one !!!

  27. Why thank you Fird.. It is one of my better ones. Hard not ot do good with such a lovely picture.

  28. this is very … hmm… attractive? I dunno, I like it…

  29. I think it is a restful picture