Pingoo 1. Sooooo, what are we doin’?

Pingoo 2. Aww, you just had to ask.

Pingoo 3. I know!

8385310248_ffc29c5495_o (1)
Trying to start The Wave! C’mon help me out!

Um, you go first.

The Wave? Can we surf it?

We penguins do not do The Wave.

Gee, I’ve never started The Wave before.

I’m too shy.

Wheeeee! This Wave is coming right at you! You’re next!

Via PBH2



  1. skippymom says:

    The baby in the third picture is the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on in my whole, entire life, ever.

  2. Until the next post of a baby penguin comes along…

  3. Little guy in the 5th picture is the penguin version of Grumpy Cat ™.

  4. Time to print my obituary – I am officially dead of The Cute!

  5. Photo # 7 Mom! Dad! I can’t breathe!!!

  6. It’s all of 6° here in Wisconsin. Wish I had a couple penguins I could stick my toes under to keep warm.

  7. Talk about your stubbularity. Perhaps corgis are part pingoo?

  8. uh huh.

    Ah myself must add my kudos on thees topique as well… Ah am genuinely, pretty much smitten wif the Belly Blobbiness (and wif the semi- webby feetses) of Numero Trois, as cited above…. AND also wif the semi-puzzled/ semi-bemused & thus Expressioniste/ Existential facial expreshe of le/la bebe (e) Pingouin / Image Numero Six, as well.

  9. Bebeh penguins are just so cute, soft and fuzzy looking that I want to cuddle one.

  10. I think the stubby wings of a baby penguin help to enhance the cuteness of their wonderful BELLEHS!

  11. Had to go back and count! Numero 6 es my fav also! 🙂 *Brain splooshes to mush now*

  12. This is so cute I’m crying.

  13. *kersplatsz-ified*