Pancake, The Great Paper Crane Hunter

Cats are known to be sneaky stealthy predators of the jungle living room. Here’s Pancake carefully scoping out those most dangerous paper cranes, known to populate the Pacific Northwest.



Shot by Kate in Portland, OR.



  1. One of my orange tabbehs is a fierce jungle…er living room predator who stalks,kills and then eats tissue paper. Rawr!! 😀

  2. I love GBCWBGE! And this one is lovely!

  3. Yes!

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Crane-ium overload causes origami cat to fold.

  5. Coffee Cup says:

    I like how, in the last photo, the cranes have infiltrated Pancake’s lair.

  6. *snerk*

  7. Pancake….best black cat name EVER…….does he/she like breakfast foods? Inquiring minds ya’ know!

  8. phred's mom says:

    Love that Pancake’s hoomins still
    have LPs! I’m considered a bit of
    a freak since I have kept mine.
    Lots of the good stuff ain’t on
    ITunes, so at least I can have
    nostalgic moments now and then.

  9. me too, phmom – and ya just can’t get that delicious crackly sound with mp3s 🙂

  10. Pancake doesn’t seems to be much of a hunter.
    He’s like: Hey you want the bag, take it. I’m out of here.

  11. Black kittehs are teh awesome.

  12. Speaking of black kittehs, how’s Boo doing, Gigi?

  13. I have to take him back to the vet, he’s not sick, he eats good (maybe too much) and he has no other symptoms but he weezes sometimes and he snores, but not all the time. And he doesn’t purr anymore, it’s like when he tries to purr he weezes instead.

  14. Ok, this might sound very bizarre, but we treated my Molly kitty for years for asthma be/c she wheezed and coughed sometimes, but then on a fluke, from a stool test, we found out that she had this nasty parasite living in her lungs. ewwwww! poor baby! It was called paragonimus kellicotti. We killed it with something used for worms/etc, and ever since she has been like a new kitty – playful and much more active. Obviously I don’t know if that’s what is bothering Boo, but Molly was a stray too…

  15. skippymom says:

    I have my records but I have no place to set up my record player.

  16. Inky leaves crane carnage on the floor. Oh the humanity!

  17. AWW 😦 I hope poor dear swee Boo will be better real soon, Gigi 😦

  18. Yep 😀 Pancake is one black kitty that I would just LOVE to cuddle 😀

  19. Thirding What CeeJoe said!

  20. I noticed that my parents still have my old record of Free to Be You and Me in the basement (and some others but I didn’t look to see what they were…I’ll have to see next time I’m there). 🙂

  21. 😯

  22. Oooh, I like black kittehs 🙂