My Favorite Spot

It just feels right. Just me and my fleecie in our own safe haven where everything in the world is cozy and fine.

Kiwi is in his comfort zone, Kathleen D.



  1. Is it me or does CO just keep getting more and more dangerously cute every day? Kepp up the good work! *dons helmet and preps defibramajiggy*

  2. I could use a day with cozy and fine. Health and family problems getting worse. Puppeh snorgle would be wonderfully welcome.

  3. Continuing to pray for you and your family, Jimbeaux. We may not be able to reach out and touch these little cutiepies, but they sure can touch our hearts. Soak ’em in!


  5. joools in PDX says:

    Is there room for me? He’s not using it all… fleece and puppy breath, bliss!

  6. joools in PDX says:

    There’s fleece and snax here in the Mod Lounge, but no puppeh… perhaps I didn’t make myself quite clear.

  7. victoreia says:


  8. sabrina rose says:

    I wish my ears were as cute as Kiwi’s! And what an innocent face. You just stay put in your haven, little sweetie.

  9. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    liquid brown eyes, serious forehead wrinkles. Puppy bliss!!!

  10. Oh no, he looks so sad! His frown is so big, it barely fits on his face. 😦

  11. He’s only frownin’ cos he needs pettins and for you to lie down with him!

  12. Jimbeaux, I wish you all the best. And not just me, but our two cats and the dog too. Well, not the dog right now because he’s all curled up and snuffling, but when he wakes up you’ll be bombed with well-wishes (probably a bit drooly and hairy, sorry about that). ❤

  13. True true, I still don’t see a puppeh. Oh well. *grabs snacks and conquers the fleece, leaving some space for a pup*

  14. pupfanatic says:

    Is Kiwi the perfect name for this morsel of perfection or what???

    Well, if kiwis had ears that slayed the very essence of hoomin sanity, that is.

  15. Sorry you are going through a difficult time, Jimbeaux. Don’t forget to take car of yourself while you are caring for others. As for little Kiwi here…everything about you was designed to melt human hearts and brains so that we will do your bidding! So adorable!

  16. Jimbeaux, I’ll keep praying for you and your family. Stay strong, my friend.

    As for Mr. Puppeh McPuppersons…… HOLY CRAP!!!

  17. Um, *THUD*