Mailman’s Best Friend

Six days a week, this letter carrier gets to make a very special delivery:

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift delivery of a FaveFrame™!



  1. warrior rabbit says:

    Aww. What a sweet pupster, helpin’ out.

  2. sabrina rose says:

    Goldens doing what goldens do best: retrieving and returning!

  3. Oh goodness. Reminds me of my old golden, who would get the paper for us every morning. We’d open up the garage door and send her out the driveway. She’d bound up to the paper and leap on it, making sure it didn’t get away. No Sunday paper was too big; she’d always bring it up to us, tail wagging and full of pride.

    She died last June and I think that might be what I miss the most… the simple joy of a dog being so proud of itself for being useful 🙂

  4. Do you guys remember Ricochet, the surfing dog of “Do I Make You Proud” fame?

    Well, this is her sister Rina’s response to the mailman’s best friend. :mrgreen:

  5. I just saw it on the news an hour ago and thought it belonged on CO!

  6. What a sweet doggie! Bet all the mail deliverers would love to exchange routes with this guy.

  7. BEEP!

  8. I do that with my spaniel! He helps me carry laundry and mail, and sometimes delivers notes and such between me and my bf (we live together). “Here, take this to daddy” and off he goes! The dog loves to be a delivery man, gets his tail wagging like nothing else 🙂

  9. D’aww…cutest mail carrier ever! Good doggie!

  10. Even without seeing him, I know that mail carrier belongs on the “CO Men of the Year” calendar. 🙂

    Goldens just melt my soul.

  11. Agreed! I can just tell . .. .

  12. (if y’all will ‘scuze a few abbreviations) RIP TD’s golden re.

  13. YAY

  14. YAY RINA now THAT’s dedicated service!! 🙂

  15. I’m sorry for your loss. We never ever forget those who have meant the world to us and given so much of themselves.

  16. What a sweet pup!!! I love how he/she is like that’s it??!! You sure about this?

  17. I used to have a collie that loved to bring up the mail; happy butt-wiggling and repeatedly dropping the mail the whole way. Dirty, punctured junk mail – what a goooood girl!

  18. I love those dogs but there is no way they are giving that letter to anybody.

  19. Sharon Wilson says:

    I’m a paper carrier, and it always makes my day to see dogs deliver to the front porch! Once one caught the paper with its front paws!

  20. YAY for that Dogue !!!

    *does a cartwheel in celebrayshons*


  22. villyjean says:

    Awww! *pets doggie*