If Life Was a Beach…

I would live to the fullest!

I’d roll in stinky seaweed.

I’d chase the whitewashed waves.

I’d lift my boopable nose to the breeze,
squint my eyes,
stick out my tongue
and inhale.

“Squee Bear, at the beach…sand-covered nose and that awesome Doggie Style
 Smile.” – Adriane M.



  1. Squee Bear? That is one contented leetle doglet! 🙂

  2. My niece’s chorkie puppeh can’t sit still long enough for me to take a picture of her. Much less be as Zen as this chihuahua.

  3. I think if I could be sitting in the sand at the beach right now I would have that same expression on my face, including the tongue sticking out to taste the salt air. I’m so tired of winter and it’s still only January!

  4. Oh lord, I hear ya! The last two days we had 50 degree temps and heavy rains with lightning and thunderstorms, now overnight (!) we’ve got 15 degrees and a snow storm advisory until tomorrow afternoon. It’s the up and down crap that is hard to deal with…

  5. Squee Bear!!!!!

  6. Boops squee bears nose… because it calls out to me

  7. YES!! I LOVE THE BEAR!!!!
    this rad little dude right here is my BFF’s BDFF (the D is for dog).