Get Well Soon, Oliver Donovan

You might recall Oly D. from October 2011. It seems that O-Man is feeling rather poorly..check his FB page for the complete word. An excerpt from the 29th:

“This is Oliver’s mom, Jillian D. I took Oliver to the emergency clinic at noon today. He started breathing pretty heavy last night. He is in congestive heart failure right now, though- he seemed good this morning, but around 11:30, he started breathing heavier again and by the time we got there, it was pretty bad.”

Here’s how to help with Oliver’s medical costs.

Cuteporter Sarah P. tipped off us to this. Photo from Oly’s FB.



  1. emmberrann says:

    Pauv’ Petit. Love & well wishes wingin your way.

  2. oh noooooo, get better kitty 😦 😦

  3. If you’d like to help out with his vet bills (specialist vets are very expensive, but necessary) here’s the link:

  4. Wishing him welll

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Last posted, he was back home but still a little poorly..

  6. And they just lost his sister kitty Zoe unexpectedly a few weeks ago. 😦

  7. Norbertsmom says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  8. Hang in there Oliver, hope you feel better soon.

  9. Jane Tucker says:

    This is the ONLY reason I have anything to do with Facebook (especially now that the Jodi Arias trial has gone bust – BORING). Oliver is the dearest little soul on the planet. And the accidental face of potsmokers everywhere. He deserves all the love we can give.

  10. Aww, Oliver. Snuggles and best wishes to you, cutie pie.

  11. harlemgrrl says:

    thank you for posting this, oly/mette/gwen/jill have had a tough year and I’m sure that CO love will be warmly welcomed.

  12. As much as I’d love to help, I’m paying off my own cat who passed from CRF (LOL and will gladly take help as well!). I am sending my love and thoughts though! The other fur kids send loving headbutts too. *HUGS*

  13. Oh noes, poor little Oly! Healing, get-well purrs, little fella.

  14. Oh man. Poor Oly, I hope he gets bette.

  15. Get better, sweet kitten.

  16. get well soon, angel-boy kitty! sending love and hugs to you and your family….

  17. Not to detract from kitty’s problems, but…what’s the little hole near kitties eye?

  18. It’s not a hole. It’s an eye booger.

  19. Sening you best wishes for a full and speedy recovery, sweet Oliver!

  20. Get well soon, little man. You have a lot of people praying for you. Poor baby.

  21. Is is weird that my kitty LOVES to eat her own eye boogers? She needs me to help get them off her eyes, but then it’s like a feeding frenzy.

  22. skippymom says:

    Thank you for posting this,and anything to help Oliver and his family is welcome, but I think a couple of commenters should get a little credit for trying to bring this to people’s attention this past week….

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    Comment threads on CO are like Las Vegas — what happens there, stays there. (CO posters just don’t read them.)

  24. skippymom says:

    Well, at least you and I know we were on the job, trying to spread the word. How is your friend Stan? I sort of found him on FB, but couldn’t really connect to him.

  25. *pulls out the posterboard and crayolas*

    GO SK’mom GO!!!

    Yay little Olly and his peeps.

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    Stan’s tumor grew but he’s only just started chemo and is also taking some sort of medication that might shrink the tumor. He has a page for his political party where he posts all his personal updates (, and a website at (which feeds into FB, so you just need to like his FB page). He is still eating, mostly, and is tired a lot.

  27. phred's mom says:

    Let’s hear it for Olly! Everybody, now,
    Go Olly! Get better Olly!

  28. Aw I’m sorry for your loss!

  29. AWW 😥

  30. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear sweet kitty, Kirsten ‘Bunny’ Graves 😥

  31. I second that, phred’s mom 🙂 “Go Olly! Get better Olly!” 🙂

  32. Aww 😦 Get well soon sweet Oliver!