Clog in the Machine

Hey! Larry! Hand me the Jet Rooter 3000. If we get this cleared before Happy Hour, the nuts are on me, pal.

Via Attack of the Cute



  1. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Yes, my little cutie, you do amuse me.

  2. OK, I honest-to-goodness squeed out loud (SOL?) at this!

  3. ACK! RAGE against the machine, little skwerl!

  4. Also, did anyone else think of Charlie Chaplain in “Modern Times”?

  5. I was thinking the little guy was stuck.

  6. Tehe!

  7. As did I. Course, mine sounded more like a loud, choked gurgle, but the sentiment was there.

  8. skippymom says:

    What a cheapskate. Everybody knows the nuts at the bar are free.

  9. zosterops says:

    It is stuck. Unfortunately that’s not a happy story behind the foto. They (local firefighters) tried for hours to help the little guy by cutting through this drainage lid and finally managed to free it, but it died of fatigue moments after. Sorry to spoil it, but the story was in the news here like a year ago and it’s not one you can forget easily.

  10. I can’t bring myself to make a funny comment now that zosterops told the sad end of the little squirrel. At least it’s good to know that the firefighters tried to help him even if it was in vain.

  11. Coffee Cup says:

    Poor squirrelio. I’m glad firefighters tried, though. I’ve actually never seen sewer grates with holes that big. I once freed a squirrel from a trash can. It went after some food and got trapped inside because the door didn’t swing out.

  12. skippymom says:

    My day is suddenly feeling very sad.

  13. I once saved a baby oppossum whose head was stuck in plastic cup lid that some loser had thrown on the ground.

  14. Crazy Pants says:

    Friends! I did not know this story when I wrote the post. I am abashed. I am going to be grateful to the rescue folks and celebrate this little guy and try not to focus on his demise.

  15. Poor skwerlio! *sobs*

  16. There’s actually a quite different (and happier) outcome from this source:

  17. Sorry, Crazy Pants but the link that DivaPie provided contradicts Zosterops macabre story.

  18. Coffee Cup says:

    Whoa, hold the acorns here! Apparently this little guy was FINE. See the link DivaPie posted!

    Unfortunately, a different squirrel did die from this same problem, hence zosterops’ story. So maybe Hamburg, Germany should cover up these holes, huh?

  19. Coffee Cup says:

    Here’s another case. I point it out because the squirrel looks really grumpy and it made me laugh. I felt like that was okay, since this story ended happily. But seriously, Germany really needs to work on making those holes smaller.

  20. andthisiswhyiwilldiealonesurroundedbycats says:

    I can’t physically cope with how adorable this is.

  21. SlaveToCat says:

    Obviously the firefighters never played whack-a-mole. If they did the outcome might have been better for chippy.

  22. bob drummond says:

    You know something guys ? this picture reminds me of the Mayan Calandar with the little picts all around the edge of the main wheel ! Think about it – and please look it up if you all don’t believe me !!!


    *melts into puddle of glitter goo on ground*

  24. I, too, thought this was the poor unfortunate squirrel, but I went back and checked the original source I remembered reading:
    This little guy did indeed survive, so we can all rejoice in his cuteness untainted! It was a previous similar story that had a sadder ending

  25. Thanks J5N1 for reading up on this, that’s so much better : )