What’s the First Thing You Think of When You Wake Up?

(Oh stop it.) We are such dedicated Cute Nerds, you know Teh Cute is always on our minds! Yay! (And, occasionally, if it’s not, then maybe it’s an indication that we have a life, but let’s be realistic.)

Jessica B. writes, “This is my friend’s baby dwarf bunny, and she likes to lie upside-down on her lap. Her name is Fluffay and she belongs to 6-year-old Gracie.” That’s right, it’s Fluffay, with an ‘a’!



  1. It’s 4-5 hours before I normally get up, and this was the first website I went to! I’ve had a rough couple of days (mom and dad having medical emergencies I had to help with, then -me- having an ER visit yesterday) so Teh Cute is very, very appreciated. Thank you for providing an adorabuls leetle bun!

  2. I hope everyone’s alright now, Jimbeaux. This bun’s for you!

  3. Hope you and your parents are all OK now, Jimbeaux! This ridiculously cute bunneh should bring your stress level down!

  4. Sending warm and fuzzy thoughts to your parents and you, Jimbeaux.

  5. Jimbeaux, I’ll say a little prayer for your folks… and for you. You okay, bud?

    Qte bunneh is qte. And floofy and almost smilingk.

  6. I won’t go into detail about my folks- it’s end-of-life stuff, and not real conductive to the qte. As for myself, I’m fine right now, albeit sore- When I get tense, my shoulders tense up and don’t untense… So my shoulders and back are in a lot of pain at the moment, but the actual emergency I went to the hospital for has passed and I -should- be all right. Seeing a doctor again tomorrow.
    Back on to madamoiselle bunny, though! Awful cute, and a nice thing to wake up to!

  7. I would snorgle that bunny. Yes, I would.

  8. Jimbeaux, we all send you lots of warm fuzzies and positive, hopes for mellower, more- pleasant days. Blessings to/ on your parents.

    As to the bun? I thought that bunnies are/ were REQUIRED to disapprove of EVERYthing except cawwots??? This bun looks positively pleased with life.

  9. May I please be the first to say, 😯

  10. *DED* tewtelly *ded*

  11. Part cottonball cloud, part bunneh.

  12. Fluffay is going to get voted out of the bunny league if he doesn’t get with the disapproving toute suite!

  13. wendyzski says:

    My bun actually prefers kale to carrots!

  14. I tried kale with my guinea pigs once. The answer was No!

  15. warrior rabbit says:

    Most rabbits disapprove of you and everything you own/do, but food items are generally seen as a given and their due. Nanners, craisins, apple, kale, mint, cilantro, parsley… Bunnies are little pigs. My Daphne *loves* brussels sprouts. Then the cat tries to take them away and play with them, since they are round and must be a toy for her. More disapproval ensues.

  16. The first thing I think when I wake up is, “Why is there a fifteen-pound weight on my sternum and a bushel of white hair in my respiratory tract?” Then I remember I have a cat.

  17. lisaLASSIE says:

    Hugs to you (((Jimbeaux))) and best wishes to you and your folks. Hope that coming to CO throughout the day helps,

  18. More good wishes Jimbeaux. Hope every body’s comfortable and will be home soon.

  19. pupfanatic says:

    In praise of the name: FluffAY which exceeds the requisite qte factor. But, why o why does it make perfect sense that this cotton ball of luv would pronounce the word as “cawwots.” That really is correct english, wight?

  20. pupfanatic says:

    P.S.- look at his beige, spwotted wittle feeties! And bwown ears. *Thud*

  21. Amber Johnson says:

    Buns Rule!