We’ve Been Over This Before

Remember, peeps. Please calmly proceed to look at this kitten in a calm and orderly fashion.

Thank you for your co-operaysh -AAAHHHHHH!

(mass asplodinks sounds)

OK, everybody settle down! Don’t panic!

Oh where oh where could the defribbermathingy be? You peeps really should try to keep it somewhere handy.

Meanwhile CO is here for you, maybe this puppy will help?!

(mass hysteria)        …whoopsies!

Fatally cute kitten photo by Sandra Shurmans of Tierfotograf-Berlin. Killer accomplice Yorkie is Russell, by Lindsay E. who tells us, “He’s pretty cute. 🙂 He even has his own Facebook page.” Um, “pretty” cute?! Huh, ya don’t say.



  1. Holy effin cow. This is just cruel here. I cannot take the cute.

  2. Someone bring a mop! There’s rainbows and sparkles everywhere from all the cute asplosions!

  3. Sasha's Mum says:

    Calm focus doesn’t help a bit. It’s the teeny tiny dot of moisture in kitteh’s whiskers that killed me.

  4. The leetle folded-in paw melted me. And the peek-a-boo puppeh! Now I’m just a puddle of my former self.

  5. skippymom says:

    Kitten! *THUD*

  6. Daaa-aaang….

    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

  8. That is the absolute acme of kittenhood, the pinnacle, the epitome, the sine qua non, of feline toddlerdom. Give Me That Kitten Now!!

    The puppy’s no slouch either.

  9. Princess Di Eyes!!!

  10. Sasha's Mum says:

    STOP SHOUTING. Try unsubscribing instead.

    *sheesh* Way to be a cute-buzz-kill.

  11. T I N E E T A B B E E
    T I N E E T A B B E E
    T I N E E T A B B E E
    T I N E E T A B B E E
    T I N E E T A B B E E


  12. I say, chums, that is a rather small striped feline.


  13. What calm and orderly you are talking about? Those eyes!!!

  14. Blue eye kitteh followed by peek-a-boo pup.
    That’s a one, two punch to the heart! I’ve been KO’d by the cute!

  15. Holy mother of pearl, that is high-test cuteness! Thank you, Pyrit, I’m more useless than usual, work-wise.

  16. FUDGE! There goes my soul.

    Kitteh, do you think I might have my soul back, pretty please with catnip on top? I think I might need it for…what’s that? What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is yours? Fair enough.

  17. Whoa. My heart has been melted into a puddle of goo and I think I may need some bottled oxygen.

  18. AWW 😀 I so want to cuddle that sweet little kitty 😀

  19. Clairdelune says:

    That round floofy teeny kitty paw that looks like a powder puff… that was the fatal blow. Goodbye cruel world. *kerplonk*

  20. Clairdelune says:

    Me first!!! 😀

  21. “Calm” ,,,,,,,” Orderly” …. with those faces? Bwahahahahaha!

  22. Alice Shortcake says:

    There’s buckets of ice water standing by?

    *removes bulky cardigan, closes eyes and waits to be drenched by fellow-Overloaders*

  23. Acshully, emmajama, that looks like one danged BIG paw to me 😉

  24. Who wouldn’t want these e-mails?

    *puzzled expression*

  25. Kitteh set me up for puppeh’s knockout punch. I fear there’s no coming back from this. *thud*

  26. Want. Tabbee. Kitten. Now.


  27. Norbertsmom says:

    LOL – Spoken like a true cat slave.

  28. It looks like a kitten-bear. How is such a thing possible?

  29. sorry Alice -we’re asploded.

  30. we’re *all* asploded

  31. OK, I see the kitteh and my heart turns into a gooy puddle o’ glitter and stuff, I squee, and start to melt and get ded and stuff. THEN I see the puppeh, and well, ya’ get the idea and stuff ’cause I cant really focus really…. oh, must see kitteh again… AHHHHH!!