Ten miles. In the snow. Uphill. Both ways.

Harrumph, cats these days. Why, when I was a kid ……! (ok, it’s a sheep, not a goat, close enough!)

Very c-ewe-t, Anea D.



  1. But of course, cats rule over all! Bet it keeps his underside nice and toasty.

  2. LURVE THEES. in 49 different ways !!!

  3. “Onward, faithful steed!”
    Because of course the kitty can’t possible let his little toe-beans touch the snow…

  4. “Um, Mr Sheeperson? You seem to be going away from the nicewarm barn and into the snow! The snowyfield is not so warm!”

  5. lol, I love it! Hilarious!

  6. When the sheep stops for a moment, it looks like it’s thinking: “Something feels different today, but I can’t put my hoof on it…” 🙂

  7. “Mmmm, a warm woolly blanket that moves around in the sun! I don’t have to move a muscle! What a great idea!”

  8. There’s something very Cleopatra-esque about this. All that’s missing is a he-man with a feather fan.

    Sparky would love that lush woolly perch. I wonder if sheep are allowed in my little Brooklyn apartment…

  9. 🙂
    This is filmed proof that all of us on the planet are mere minions for cats… 😀

  10. The chickens will do this too they love to sit on top of the sheep when it is really cold out.

  11. Am I alone in wanting to brush all the woolly adult sheep? I want to give them all a nice conditioning rinse and them brush them until they are all slick, stylin’ and smooth.

  12. Barefoot!! You forgot “barefoot” in the snow. Ten miles. Uphill. Both ways. Sheesh!

  13. i got my blood test results back today. i need more vit D, more vit B12, more iron, more folic acid, and more CuteOverload. i didn’t realize there was a blood test for that!

  14. My guess is that the cat had been sleeping on the nice, warm wooly thing, which then rudely got up and walked out into the snow.

  15. Well you see I was counting sheeps in the barn and one thing led to another….

  16. A sheep walks into a bar with a cat on its back.

    Bartender to sheep: Hey, that’s cute! Where did you find it?

    Cat to bartender: Old Man Johnson’s farm. There’s hundreds of ’em!

    (Thanks. I’ll be here all week.)

  17. It must be VERY cold there, for the cat to tolerate so much moving about. When it isn’t particularly cold and my cats are sitting on me, if I so much as move a muscle they jump down all in the huff, give me a look that clearly says, “You RUINED it!” and stalk off. But if they’re really desperate for body heat, they press themselves into me, sometimes ‘hooking on’ with their claws, until I manage to PEEL them off.

  18. lisaLASSIE says:

    Oh thank goodness it’s not just me!

  19. lisaLASSIE says:

    Thank you for saying what I was thinking. Of course, that happens a lot here.

  20. lisaLASSIE says:

    I thought that the reason he stopped every few feet was to say: “here? would you like to stop here? No? ok, onward we go.” And I think he was heading from the barn to the house.

  21. My dear departed Steve used to let me tap dance while she was sitting on my shoulder. She’d have been just as happy to ride around up there all day.

  22. Good one, minime9! The music is purrrrfect for this video.

  23. bklynsheep says:

    Is that a Shetland sheep?

  24. Cat’s found somewhere warm and dry. It will not move. My cats are the same.

  25. 😆 I would just LOVE to see a picture of that, Judy B. 😆

  26. Yep and we love it 😀

  27. I dislike added music to videos, in fact I usually loathe them. About once a year I like one. The last one I liked was “Scheming Weasel” – also discovered here on CO.

    I LOVED this music!! It’s purrfect. 🙂

  28. orderfire says:

    Little kitty
    Little kitty
    Riding on a sheep, little kitty

    Little kitty
    Little kitty
    Riding backwards on a sheep, little kitty

  29. Since no one said it…

    “I’m the queen of Sheepa.”

  30. Mauderules says:

    And you had to break the ice in order to wash your face.

  31. Mauderules says:

    I loved the music, too, and would be delighted if someone could provide the source. Loved the whole video and sent it to the family to share the c-ewe-t.