OK, Who Do You Like, Teddy?

Teddy Bear The Porcupine has made his prediction for the Big Game between the 49ers and the Ravens. Take ‘er away, T-Man!

From Zooniversity.



  1. Teddy Bear always makes me laughs out loud! He is such an old curmudgeon! 😆

  2. Sounded like he said Cornhuskers to me.

  3. twocityshibas says:

    Did I just hear him say “put me down”??

  4. Sasha's Mum says:

    Hmmm, I find these results ambiguous. Isn’t it just as likely that he didn’t touch the 49ers’ corn as a sign of respect for the winning team? Or leaving them the corn for their victory celebrations? Further study is needed.

    I don’t think this test is *nearly* as scientific as Paul the Octopus.

  5. Go Ravens!

  6. I’d like to hear Teddy call the game. He’s got to be better than the broadcasters…

  7. That’s what I thought too– he left the 49ers side like the last man standing!

  8. he’s all whimpery and whiney …he sounds like a space alien on a B-movie

  9. Yes! I heard it to! At :09.

  10. I don’t follow sports, I don’t care who wins, most of the time I can’t even tell you who’s playing . . . but if Teddy Bear is rooting for the Ravens, then so am I!

  11. joools in PDX says:

    That was just the closest ear of corn… he glanced at the second one but never took it seriously. He should have been placed midway BETWEEN equidistant ears of corn for it to be TRULY scientifical. (GO 9ers!!)

  12. Oh, Teddy Bear, how I love you! It’s so much fun to figure out the subtext of your words.

  13. Fix!!!!! First off, I’m not sure there was corn in the 9ers helmet. Second, porcupines ALWAYS go for the closest food (top porcupine football game forecasting scientists, using other NFL helmets, have proven this time and time again) and since he was put down next to the Ravens helmet, he went there first. Therefore, I expect, nay, demand, a more controlled environment for this test that will fairly insure that the 49ers will win.

  14. Check out the URL for this one! Gee, it doesn’t match the title of the post. 😉

    Teddy is such a cutie. A grumpy cutie, but a cutie.

  15. Lol! All the serious people… “It’s fixed.” You whine just like Teddy! I LOVE him! He’s so whiny! “Meeeeh! MEH! Meh.” 😀

  16. Sometimes secret little messages get hidden in a ‘custom’ URL. I plead totally guilty.

  17. The only game I’ll be watching that day will be the Puppeh Bowl!
    (If I go to a football party I bring a book to watch between commercials.)

  18. I always forget to look for them…so glad when people point them out. 🙂

  19. It’s true! The investigator was clearly biased, and put Teddy closer to the Ravens container.
    We need a properly designed double-blind experiment. Or at least a porkuly designed one…Teddy was clearly highly indignant about his placement re: corn containers, and although he expediently chose the nearest one, he was telling us it wasn’t fair. Not fair at all, was it, Teddy!! …Go Niners!!

  20. So after all this time and all of the fantastic Teddy videos, I have to ask: Do ALL porcupines squeak and talk like cartoon characters, or is it just Teddy who does this?

  21. Exactly! And he is definitely cuter than most curmudgeons!

  22. He knocked over the raven’s container in disgust!

  23. They all do vocalize. Although I’ve encountered many a poky-pine out and about in the woods and I’ve never heard them speak.

  24. Wow, Snoopy was not happy in that video.

  25. The Puppy Bowl is unmitagated bliss.C.O. really needs to make a formal post/announcement/reminder,please.

  26. I’m pretty sure Teddy was saying, “Ima gonna eat the Ravens’ corn so they’ll be too weak to win.”

  27. My hedgehog has been working out extra hard all week in the hopes of making the team, little does she know that when it come to hedgehogs the rounder the better.

  28. Hanglyman says:

    That’s what I was thinking. Obviously he’s going to choose the closest one, because he’d have to delay having corn in his grasp for a whole two seconds if he chose the 49ers. And this is Teddy Bear we’re talking about here!

  29. I heard “What are you doing?” and “What on Earth?” before the “Put me down!” near the beginning.

  30. I don’t like this vid because it is too short! More Ted please! I want to see him eat the whole ear of corn and then would happily watch him 24/7.

    Well, the proper way to assess his pick is to validate the results. You must replicate it in a scientifically controlled environment (with test tubes and beakers and stuff), then vary the conditions to do a sensitivity analysis. Then write up the results to submit to JANA (Journal of the American Nomming Association).

    BTW, the results were validated once already by the puppies last night on Jimmy fallon (OMG, one of them was napping….).

  31. Amen, sister. All broadcasters annoy me.

  32. Okay, I don’t watch football so I don’t care who wins, but that experiment was CLEARLY poorly done. My research methods professor would have slapped me with an F if I had tried to pass off something like this as unbiased.

    Besides, the dog on my local radio station picked the 49ers food bowl and he hasn’t been wrong yet.

  33. That’s what I thought too fanciD – he seemed to knock the Ravens out of the running, not choose them! Go 49ers!

  34. I agree – two whole seconds is a lifetime in porcupine years!

  35. If we watched long enough, Teddy would predict a tie game.

  36. ALL THE CORN IS BELONG TO ME! (Squeaky squeaky)

  37. You couldn’t see the corn in the 9ers helmet until the camera raised up to come closer. There was corn in there, but it was much smaller. Of course Teddy picked the bigger corn!
    Hey, doesn’t matter to me, the big winner of this Super Bowl is the city of New Orleans, and their team isn’t even in the game! Super Bowl and Mardi Gras at the same time!

  38. At about 6 seconds: “What’s next?”
    At about 8 seconds: “What in the Heck?”

  39. I thought I heard what in the heck?!

  40. I want to hear him say geroff my lawn!!!!

  41. I saw that just a few minutes ago and was so excited to see the hedgies get in to the puppy bowl… now all they need is bunnies and some birds and maybe some pygmy elephants or hippos and we are golden!

  42. Must learn to type Puppeh instead of you know what Sigh!

  43. The best part is how he clings to the ladies arm all porky pine huggy like.

  44. Saffron thanks for posting that they were so darned adorable. I laughed for the whole clip.

  45. This guy is precious. I enve his keeper

  46. I’ve ordered Animal Planet for the month of Super Bowl the past 2 years to try and watch the Puppy Bowl, but Animal Planet Canada didn’t show it either year 😦
    This year it shows in the listings again, so gonna call the cable company now.
    Wish me luck.

  47. anyone else feel like teddy’s just going through the motions these days? i think success has spoiled him. he looks really hard to work with. always griping and groaning. i hear he keeps to his trailer between takes and doesn’t share any of his corn. tisk tisk.


  48. How DARE people question Teddy Bear’s integrity?! It’s completely irrelevant that he was put closer to the Ravens’ container. Clearly, he gave both equal consideration, then made his judgement in an unbiased manner, based solely on his extensive knowledge of football. Well, that and which one had the bigger ear of corn.

  49. villyjean says:

    Because they couldn’t possibly be joking around…

  50. katekatekate says:

    PEOPLE. He clearly sniffed both containers before deciding on the Ravens. Are you really questioning his expertise? HMMMMMMM!?

  51. Holy cannoli, Teddy was right. O.o