Simply Stirling

On the beach…


In the living room…


Or in the park, Stirling is The Man.


From RaphAnja, “Greetings from the Netherlands.”


  1. Believe me, Starling, being compared to Paul Newman is a good thing! Love your pictures!

  2. Oops, Sterling, not Starling! I blame that on typing with cold fingers…yeah, that’s it, cold fingers!

  3. I’m also from the Netherlands and I like him very much!
    In Dutch:
    Ik kom ook uit Nederland en vindt hem erg lief! Wat een dotje!

  4. Vind

  5. Is that a weimaraner? There was one in Lily’s daycare and he was just the sweetest thing! You can tell Stirling has a big heap of naughty in him. :)

  6. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    It looks like a Weimaraner mix. Weimies don’t have shaggy coats. He’s gorgeous, whatever he is.

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Love the beach pic. I bet Stirling’s netherlands were full of true grit when he got home.

  8. doomchild says:

    Kneel before the master!

  9. BOOM!

  10. Gorgeous pup!

  11. OH! he’s so handsome!

    but, I must admit, I questioned for too many minutes whether he was.. uh… pooping.. in the first pic

  12. lol… well, that would be a form of action, as noted in the hover text… :)

  13. His eyes are mesmerizing….

  14. THIS guy oughtta keep tracylee bizzee for a coupla days !!!
    Them’s some *serious* Earses, they-uh !!!

  15. er… that, comment, there, below this one, was supposed to have been in direct reply to you.. *shifty eyes* whoops.

  16. them are some cute shifty eyes ya got there tl :)

  17. YES! they’re so… flappy!

  18. Wow, Stirling is a very handsome pup!

  19. I’m curious as to what kind of dog, too… someone please help and answer that question! His coat looks a little too floofy to be a Weimy.

  20. I have a wirehaired vizsla, so my first thought was that they must be working on wirehaired wiems over there in the netherlands because that is what this guy looks like.

  21. I be he’s a longhaired Weimeraner! Long hair is a disqualifying fault in the US, but not elsewhere. Longhaired weims are goooorgeous… o.o

  22. kibblenibble says:

    I agree this dog is gorgeous. Who decides about these “faults,” anyway?

  23. Or could it be just a ‘puppy fur’ stage?

    The first pic is awesome.

  24. WendyLady says:

    Blue eyes
    Smiling at me
    Nothing but blue eyes
    Do I see

    Blue eyes
    Dancing merrily along
    Nothing but blue eyes
    All day long

  25. Oh, what sweet puppy!!!!

  26. I have no idea what kind of dog Stirling is but I want him!!!

  27. wow. that is one wonderful dog. love the third pic.


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